Monday, October 5, 2009

and another week over

Woah! What a week again. I'm so exhausted and tired. Trying to get the Isle back asap, but plenty new ideas and other things lets it take longer then expected. However, it will look even better and be more adventurous then before. Someone donated a huuuuuge amount to the Isle, though it isn't even open to RP atm. I don't know who it was as the donations go to Kenshi, but I will find out and then you'll get a biiiig hug and "thank you", generous anonymous spender!

I only took three breaks this week, each time dancing. On monday with my Kenshi at Tainted Boys. On thursday at Tiger's Isle, dancing with my bros Jojo, Nevie and Kyne... and  yesterday - sunday -, when JoJo invited me to a new Italian club (forgotten the name again. Something with "GAY....") to support Daffy's gig. We had lots of fun and the Italians were hawt! Last minute I got to hear, that the theme is "I scream" and I desperately searched for an outfit, that would impersonate Munch's painting... but at the end I was just wearing a tank from Jojo, superhero-briefs from boycut and a smile. I went there with my boy Brian, and my lil devil Mick came too, and Andrej joined us as well as Rammy... so we been a crowd at the end and had much fun. Too bad, I couldn't take good pictures; too laggy and not easy to get all bros in motion on ONE pic!

The tanks JoJo made in cooperation with JJ Later from CityBoyz were the hit. Everybody wanted them and I think at the end the whole club was wearing it. I just wonder, what an ice cream licking boy has to do with it!? (hell, yes! I always had to think of Roberto Benigni in Jarmusch's "Down by law"...) It was so good to dance with brothers again. Missed that so much! Just too bad, that Spanki and Nevie been too busy to join us. Maybe next time... And of course my Kenshi! Well, one day maybe they get two computers, then I can be with my boy AND my husband at the same time?

Oh, on saturday I missed the "Oktoberfest" on Tiger's Isle. Unbelievable that the last one is already a year ago! Time moves so fast. *sighs* But I worked RL 11 hours and the party was too late for me. Too bad!

Okay, back to building and terraforming!

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