Wednesday, December 30, 2009

almost over

For weeks or months now I planned to write (almost) every day about my adventures in SL, but... *sigh* ... either I forget it or I don't have the time for it. So, another week is over and I'm not sure, what happened in this time since christmas.

Well, 2009 is starting to end. I'm not online tomorrow, so today would be the time for a look-back and for proposals for 2010. Hm, I guess I'm too lazy for it. *heh* 2009 was somehow a good and somehow a bad year. Good, because I found a wonderful family and many new friends. Bad because of some RL-issues my family (and myself) had to go through. And because of the loss of some brothers and friends. But hey, life's going on and as long as everybody's happy, that's fine.
However, it was a year with less drama and very much more love. Unbelievable, how close we are... my Kenshi and my little brothers Mick and Brian. Sometimes also scaring a bit.

So, proposals for 2010? Hmmmm, for RL: find a better job, become a millionaire. For SL: Buying some full SIMs for my family and friends, when I have the millions. That's not too much asked for, eh? eh? (Just kidding! though... hm... full SIM would be fine.... hm....)

Hm, I don't have a picture matching the theme, so I'll just post that pic, where I was riding the tarn together with my boy Brian ("Eagle") and the eagle was flying next to us. I liked the subject, but will have to tell Brian to get another face light. Some of them ruin every picture, when you have atmospheric shader on...

So, well...




Neko Nevie said...

I hope you get your millions! I would love to have millions of my own, it is good to dream, isn't it. Hehehe. I hope your year is full of love and happiness.

Happy New Year, bro!

Justyn Maurer said...

Happy Mew Year bro!!!

Hmmm forgetfulness, dats a trait of a kitteh, no?

Hoping you getz your millions too. *huggggs n licccks*