Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

And again I was busy the last days. Christmas is soooo stressy! *hehe*

We spent a whole evening trying to get a family-shot. I think it's a nice picture:

I played a bit to get a nice xmas-card for our friends. First attempt was this one....

... but finally it became that one:

So, those of you who haven't got the card:

Whoa! Another year is over. My second rezzday is upcoming soon. How fast time runs! And so many things happening in SL in one year. One year ago I was devastated for some reasons, but this year I enjoyed the season very much, together with my lovely family. Though I'm thinking a lot about SL vs. RL these days, about pretty illusion vs. cruel reality, about friendships, love, brothers.... what's it all "worth" in a pixel-world. But I guess it's just the season to be sentimental?

Just wanted to post these two pictures of my love and me. Thank you, my dragon, for sharing this year with me. Love you so much!

And on christmas eve my family made me a special gift, coming all together online to cuddle to sleep together. Luv yer, my angels!

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Neko Nevie said...

great pictures!! very yummy, all of you! *licks*

Merry Christmas, bro!