Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fun at tainted boys

I'm actually not so much online these days. Trying to get some RL-stuff in order. And the time I'm online, I try to avoid stress and drama. We were hanging around at the fireplace in our cottage a lot, in undies and sweaters (I think, that one reindeer-sweater starts to smell musty...), just chatting, cuddling, inviting friends. I enjoy this quiet time.
Monday bro JoJo finally came inworld. I missed that shmexie bro! But he had to leave soon, and Kenshi & me went to Tainted Boys, which was lots of fun. Especially using that spinning platform which made me a bit dizzy and turning my text always upside-down. Marin, Conny and Kyne joined us too and later we ended at the fireplace again, inviting Rammy over also, talking about this and that. Mmmm, relaxing!

Yesterday was in the mood for RP again, but... oh well! I don't know, if it is ME or the others!? Where's the sense for RP? I don't mention, which city it was, because it doesn't depend on the city, it depends on the RPers, but... if there is a prisoner and he is shouting all over the SIM (!) to a  outlaw-slaveboy, that the boy should get  help from other outlaws, and all the warriors and citizens just stand around, doing NOTHING, then you really have to wonder. Our state is neutral, so it's not of our concerne (although we considered to free the outlaw ourselve to do someone a favour...), but as we tried to tell some warriors about it and ordered that boy to our feet, what did they do? They held SMALL-TALK. Kenshi and me could just shake our heads and finally sailed home. 5 Minutes later the city was attacked by the outlaws the boy called. Well, the city didn't deserve better...

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