Saturday, December 5, 2009

xmas is coming

After some ice-skating with friends Marin, Conny, Andrej and (ohmygodhe'sback!!!) Kale on thursday, Kenshi and me went back into our cottage, stripped down to undies and socks, put some warm reindeer-sweaters on (almost free for 1 L$ at XStreet in black, red and green) and started to decorate the cottage. It's so cozy there, with snowy trees all around, a warming fire in the fireplace. And I just LOVE our victorian christmas tree. (Gee, I saw xmas-trees for 40.000 L$. Not even nice ones. Who spends around 120 U$ for a virtual xmas tree???) Daffy made some stockings for our whole family:

When I came inworld last night from RL work, my love was sitting at the piano, playing the moonlight sonata for me. His eyes closed... God! Was he so cute!!!

Joined him a while on the piano, but then I got distracted by that mouse peeking out it's hole [available for free here. My bro Spanki's hubby Miki made it to spread it around. It's cute!]. What do you expect? - Even without tail and ears I'm a kitten after all!

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