Wednesday, December 2, 2009

just some pics

We started decorating our cottage on earth. In RL I don't like holiday-season so much, maybe because I never really have holidays? However, in SL with my family - my love, my lil brothers... - I like to decorate and make it all winterly and romantic.

I rented a small additional parcel in the center of the SIM and made an ice-skating place with cuddle-benches and snowball fights and a dancing gazebo. Made it for us and for the neighbors on the parcel, though I think they all are a bit... uhm... strange. But it was nice dancing with my beloved dragon for hours in the gazebo after I got him some warm clothes.

Yesterday started to decorate the house with Kenshi. Isn't finished yet, but already looking nice.

And after the hard work of decorating we fallen asleep at the fireplace. OMG, he's looking sooooo cute. Especially with that reindeer in his arms! Could watch him sleeping all night long....

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