Thursday, January 21, 2010

random update

Oh my! Already 3 weeks of the new year gone. That's... uhm.... *counts at his fingers, then quickly grabs the calculator*... about 1/17 th of the whole year!!! Eeeeks! And not written a single line here in the blog. Though many things happened....

We changed the decoration at our house. Took off xmas- and winter-stuff. Made a beautiful spring-garden in the front and Mick made a nice, relaxing Japanese garden in the backyard. *takes a mental note to make more pictures soon*

Also been out dancing more then usual. Once at Tiger's Island, but had to leave "early", as it was already around 3.30 am something for us. Too bad, cause I think we looked good as Prisonguard and Jailbird and would have had chances at the contest... And many times at Tainted Boys. Apart from the overuse of annoying spam-gestures (but one of the greatest inventions of Linden is the mute-button *winks*) I love that club. Well, more some certain people there, I guess. But Ado and Trace are very nice hosts and it's fun with Spanks and Heloq and others... However... I'm always happy, when friends take the invitation and we dance all together... And was so happy on monday for some special reason... like.. hmmm... something that bothered me and hurt a lot in the last months was kinda solved... and like Quand on a que l'Amour... which 99,9% of you readers won't understand now (how many are 99,9% of 2?)... but anyways. It meant a lot to me and I was happy.
Yesterday at Tainted Boys there was a fund-raising for Haiiti. All donations went to help the people in Haiiti. And it was a good idea. And fun too.

So, afterwards sat with my love at the piano, playing together and talking. Will we look like this in 20-30 years?

Well, precious moments are those to me. Sitting, cuddling or dancing with my love and talking.. or just listening to his voice.

Hm, what else? Not been on Gor or Tidra much in this weeks. Only to furnish a room in a Gorean way. Putting up some nice stuff. Forgot to notice the landmark... hm. Will do it soon, when I think of it.

About my proposals with the millionaire - I'm working on the second million now. The first one.. I gave up. *heh* However, still too busy all the time. So much to do, never enough time. *sighs* Hopefully I will write more often in the next three weeks then in the last three. It's so hard to remember all the things that happened....


SpAnKi said...

LOL, omg bro, that piano picture, I was blinkin my eyes trying to figure out why my vision went funny and then I read you made a picture into the future, hehe

has been so cool to be dancing wit my bro's again :D ♥

huggs an liccks ^^

Jordyn Carnell said...


Franziskus said...

/me giggles @ Spanks "Hey, get an eye-doctor, bro!" Nah, nothing wrong with your vision. We just played with chubby shapes to cheer up my hubby a bit.

@cowboy: Ha, thanks, shmexie, but I didn't mean the "not understand" literally. I meant, that most people except my hubby and my lil bro, won't understand, why this evening was so very special for me. A precious moment, when you have that feeling, that there "only is love" and nothing else matters... Can't explain without publishing more then I want to!

Justyn Maurer said...

I had to do a double take on that pic as well =O.o=

Its like you both were in sumo suits....hehheh