Friday, January 29, 2010

... and another disappointment

Hm, why disappointed? Well, actually I'm not that much. Once more I realized, that I should listen to "my inner voice". When I got a strange feeling with someone, then I shouldn't ignore it. But I wanted it to work out, for my companion and for my lil devil. They were so happy with the new boy / new chain-brother. And so I thought, well, maybe it's just the language barrier? Or maybe he's just shy? However... 

After I spent some hours raising the roof to add an attic (which became quite nice, I think) for a room for our new boy.... And after Kenshi and Mick invested lot of money and time and care and plans for him... last night the new boy left already. Quick and surprisingly.

Well, I hope he gets lucky. I'm not mad. For me it's not such a big surprise, but I'm sad for Kenshi and Mick, who had high hopes.

However, I will defnitely not so soon agree to take another new boy into the chain (okay, 1 or 2 exceptions I would make). Our family/chain sticks tight together; you won't find that so easily somewhere else...

Anywho... I was busy on wednesday furnishing the living-room new. I found that 1 L$-shop with nice furniture. Wasn't sure about the mix between old (the cottage) and modern, but I like the contrast.

Also like the mix of red and white and the nice animations on the sofas and chairs...

I wanted to post the SLURL to the shop, but forgot to copy it. They really have nice stuff, and my inventory once more threaten to explode.

So, wednesday been busy as usual. Going dancing for a while in the evening, but needed too long to dress, because of issues with attachments these days. So we were just about half an hour at Tainted Boys, but then an emergency happened and we had to leave quickly.

Thursday.. hm, been shopping for some hours with my Kenshi. I like to buy new things, but I don't like shopping. Is this a contradiction? Well, not when you think of the typical lag in SL-shops! You see something you want and try to get closer to buy it... and need 10 minutes for every step. But we got some nice new stuff. Mmmmmm...

What else is new? You can vote for my bro Spanki at Eddi's "Just Beautiful SL Men". Why vote for him? Well, the picture doesn't do him full justice; you don't see much of him on it. And not only because he's my bro, so of course I think, he's shmexy.. that's a DNA-thingens.. with such family-genes, how could he be not shmexy??? No, vote for him, because he's individual! You know, there are many handsome guys our there... of course. You got enough money, so you buy the best skins and the best shapes. But honestly: Would you recognize those guys without their name-tag over their heads? When I look at my brothers, I always recognize each of them. Each of them is individual and got his own style. And that's what makes them shmexy. So, go and vote!

Talking of brothers! Finally met my bro JoJo yesterday for a while. Not long enough, but was good to have him back online. Hope he's coming more often now.

And talking of missing people... Here's a pic for another special person. Just stumbled over it today. Miss yer inworld, cowboy! 

And that's it for now. Have a nice weekend!


SpAnKi said...

aw bro, sweet things you say about me *liccccks you*
i think your right thou, all the brothers are individuals and recognisable for being so, being an individual is an good thing to be in SL and its somethin i find attractive in other people too.

sorry about the new boy :(
however, the cottage looks beautiful, that new attic room is very nice, and all the new furniture. nice work bro :)

Franziskus said...

Awww, thanks, bro! I like the attic room. Will have to consider what to do with it. Would be nice to sit at the window and look out (which might be a bit weird in SL maybe?)...

Well, the new boy... hm... I feel sorry for Mick who was so happy to have a lil brother he can lead and be a role model. But it will be okay

licks xoxox