Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hm, still not much to tell. Got the feeling me wasn't much inworld these days...

On monday - our "Off Gor Day" - been dancing with Mick and Nevie at Tainted Boys, where Heloq had his party called "Mi house es su house" (or something like that), and bro Spanks hosted. Was lots of fun in spite of lag (= took a bit longer to strip down to undies). Afterwards visited Spanks' beautiful home. Lovely!

Tuesday.. hm... oh, Gor! Visited Brundisium or whateveritsnameis. Nicely built city, but... hm... got the feeling, our leader wanted to get rid of us soon. I guess, it's potential for RP with the right people. Wondered a bit about kurii running around and noone reacting though...

On our way back to the island we did a short visit to Silver Tree. Haven't been there for a while and some things seemed to change. But was nice to see old friends.

So, not that exiting. Today is Leopold Sacher-Masoch's birthday. If you don't know, who that is... Well, it's NOT the famous Vienna Sacher-cake named after him. And Lewis Carroll, author of "Alice in Wonderland" (looking forward to the movie) would be 178 years today, which is about Liz Taylors age also, I guess.

That's it. No pics. Heh.

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