Saturday, January 23, 2010

new boy and this and that


My time in SL was short yesterday also. When I came home from work after midnight, we added a new boy to the chain: Elfyno, now called Loki. My Kenshi collared him in the wild gazebo on Tidra in a nice ceremony.

I wanted to visit Eddi's rezzday-party afterwards, but the ceremony took a bit longer and as it was finally finished, it was around 4:00 am for us already. Time to sleep as today work is calling again. So once again: Happy rezzday, Eddi! (And I don't know, why my comment didn't appear on your blog. Is it, because I said you're getting tooooooo old, cause 3 years SL = 36 years RL? *hehe* Live with it!)

Well, and that was that, I guess...

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Neko Nevie said...

Congratulations to Loki and the family. Best wishes to all of you.