Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend over...

.. Thank God!

Before continue with my RL-work, keep on updating the blog.

Just recognized another point to add on my "You recognize, that you're addicted to SL, when..."

... you upload a picture to your blog and wonder why you don't have to pay 10 L$!"

This is the view from my office-window, taken with my old cell-phone. So, not bestest quality. Grey skies, roofs and snow, snow, snow. Well, actually I like snowy landscapes. I also like driving car. I don't like driving car in snowy landscapes. So I want spring!!!

However, what's new? Not much as it was weekend, if I haven't mentioned that. Had a visit from my bro Spanki on saturday, which was so nice.

And sunday after work spent some time to take pictures for the profiles of our new boy Elfy/Loki. I know I can do better, but I was tired after a long day working:

What else? Hmm.... I guess will go and see "Avatar" in RL finally this week. And would be interested in "Surrogates" also as the story is based on virtual realities like Second Life and others. And yeah, I like Bruce Willis anyways. He's born just around the corner *heh*! (Okay, hands up who of you looked up, where Bruce Willis is born!)

Got some ideas for giving the group-members of Tidra some entertainment these days. Will keep you updated!


Justyn Maurer said...

Oki i must admit I just HAD to look up where Bruce Willis was born

Luv you bro *hugggs n licks*

SpAnKi said...

/me is glad is all the snow is gone in London now.. but thats a pretty picture!

Avatar is awe summmmmm!! Enjoy

nuzzles ^^