Saturday, June 12, 2010

annoying Gor #9275

Haven't done Gorean RP for weeks now except a short visit to Silver Tree which was more visiting friends then RPing. Oh and a short intermezzo at the Gay Gor pride. Had not much time for Gay Gor pride as all the planning was on weekends and I'm always working on weekends.

But although I haven't had RP I'm considering if I should return to it, when I'm finished with all the building. Maybe I should just stay on our island? I'm so annoyed. I'm annoyed of aggressive women swinging blades and heavy spears and challenging every warrior, just because they have the better computer-equipment and less laggy connection. I'm annoyed of the mentioned impudent slaves who can, because they're protected by their group. I'm annoyed of big outlaw-groups ganging up to more members then any city. I'm annoyed of tag&profile-readers. I'm annoyed of GorCrafters. I'm annoyed of all the wannabe-invincibles who cheat with invisible shields and other tools (you know who you are!). I'm annoyed of citizens holding small-talk with the outlaws in the cities. II'm annoyed of people who don't know how to emote at all.  Im also annoyed of (some) para-RPers who need 5 minutes for an emote in novel-length (Nothing wrong with good emotes and I'll give you the time for it, but when it's just a sign, that you're so in love and busy with your own emotes, ignoring the actions and words of others and taking the fluency out of a RP, then it's just... annoying). I'm annoyed of people changing their role and/or group faster then others changing their underwear. I'm annoyed of... well, I'm annoyed.

Actually I do like RP. Good RP. But the good RPs I had in 1.5 years I can count on one or maybe two hands. It's propably me? I have other expectations on RP. While I'm trying to act like in a serious movie - may it be drama, adventure, comedy or romance - most others seem to play in a cheap capture-raid-torture-kill-porn. That's why everyone wants to be a warrior or outlaw or Ubar. Well, physicians are an exception; they at least seem to like other kind of RP. But where are the merchants, the tarn-keepers, the blacksmiths? Where's the haggling, the courts, the negotiations? We tried several other RPs, especially as savages, but it was a matter of fact - in most SIMs (except Arad, now City of Ushindi), we were ignored or just not taken serious. And I can give you my word: It would have been good RP. Too bad for anyone who doesn't take the chance. But I'm more and more aware: They just do not want it. They just want the raid, fight, capture, collar, torture, kill. That's not what I want. So I ask myself: Am I at the right place?

We have a Gorean SIM. But more and more these days I don't know, what is it good for? 

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