Saturday, June 12, 2010

neverending story - the outlaw slave

I never get tired... or do I?.... of repeating how annoying it is, that so many people do not accept their role in SL Gor-RP. One of those are the outlaw-slaves. I've wrote about them before and Misha wrote an article about them a while ago also.

I don't care much if a slave kneels all the time or finishes every sentence with "Master" or any of the other rules, which are more or less invented by RPers and not by the books and often taken too serious. BUT I expect a slave to know and to accept his role.
The other day I had this conversation with an outlaw female (= one of the other annoyments which is not role-like)
Franzi: "How "Gorean" are bratty slaves, who CAN act bratty, because they know that a big group stands behind them ?"
Outlaw-female: "we are outlaws so yes the slaves can be bratty"

What. A. Bullshit.

A slave is a slave is a slave. If you don't accept your role, then don't play it. A slave in Gor faces always severe punishment or death if he's disrespectful or even displeasing to a Free. Period. But noooooo.... not in SL-Gor! They are running around, eye-rolling and sassy and more impudent then any Free would be, capturing, binding, raping, torturing.... And if they get caught and punished, they run home to their group like a whiney kindergarten-kiddie and then the whole group comes to take revenge. So the little brat can continue with a bratty behaviour, which would already be rude from a Free, but inacceptable from a slave.

No, that has nothing to do with Gor. Did I mention: SL-Gor sucks!!!

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