Saturday, June 12, 2010


As I'm about whining and complaining about bad, bad Gor anyways, I have to tell you about yesterday. Because yesterday I was not only annoyed, I was really pissed off!

So, what happened? Well, let me tell you first about Tidra: We have two official groups there: The warrior-chain and the savage tribe. Apart from those a while ago a panther-girl asked, if she could find shelter in one of the caves for a while. Nice as we are, we allowed it. She brought in someone else who brought in someone else... - Meanwhile we regret our kindness, especially after yesterday! Those people never ever supported Tidra in any way; neither with donations, nor with RP (help in defence etc.), just using the space, prims and our dungeon. More and more these days we felt abused and put-upon.

As we started the renovation of the island, we closed it for RP. Had sent out a notice to the group and put also a notice in the notecard-giver at the entrance for everyone to read. So far so good.

Now yesterday I was minding my own business (which is building, building, building), as an acquainted woman with another woman stormed the isle. I informed them in IM, that the island is closed for RP atm, but they are free to look around. A while later I got their report, how they burnt down the savage camp as revenge for capturing and torturing one of their outlaw slaves. Well, I was not annoyed at that moment, just wondering because 1. I didn't know of any capture and torture, 2. the tribe certainly had nothing to do with it (so burning down their camp is sooooooooo stupid!), 3. it's exactly what I talked about before - Jesus! Someone captured and tortured an outlaw-SLAVE and the group behind them takes revenge? Outlaw-WOMEN sailing all alone over the ocean to burn down a camp? And leaving a WRITTEN message though savages are illeterate anyways? - That's all so not Gorean and not even reasonable. And you wonder, why I tell you, that your RP and your group SUCKS? 4. I had told them AND it was in the notecard at the entrance, that the island is CLOSED for RP, so WTF?!?

The story behind it was, that it seems one of those guests of the guests of the guests mentioned above had dragged that slave into our dungeon. Again: He has nothing to do with us, just allowed to stay on Tidra, but not acting in the name of Tidra. So I got pissed at that guy, because he had ignored the notices and the notecard and just continued abusing the priviliges he was granted in the permission to stay ("for a while") and hide in one of the caves. But even more I got pissed off by that woman who started bitching. Her tone was rude and she told me, how annoying we are (for capturing first and then telling them "no RP atm") and tried to tell me, what I can do and what not... that the guy would have acted in the name of Tidra - which he didn't - and that *we* are responsible and *we* have to deal the consequences... No we are not and don't have to. I'm not everybody's keeper! When someone hides in one of the caves, it's *his* RP. When he get's a membership so he can rezz his objects, then it's an OOC-thing. All of that was just soooooo wrong. All her actions IC and OOC were wrong. And she was really bitchy, arrogant and commanding. I'm really considering banning her from Tidra and putting her as first person on my no-RP list.

So, yes! I was pretty pissed off and still am. If she would have asked nicely (what btw. another member of that outlaw-group did!), we could have found a solution. But not *that* way.

Did I mention, how annoyed I am of Gor?

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Teleny Macarthur said...

As I told you yesterday, Franzi, OOC, of course, since I DON'T RP there, merely rent "in the skies above"... That is the main reason that I left Gor and all it's ways long ago, even pre-Tel. The total lack of responsibility on the part of 90% of the so-called RP'ers there makes it a total joke to most of us that are not JUST into trap/torture/screw/repeat. While I have almost completely given up ANY RP on SL recently, due to RL time constrictions, responsibilities, etc., there are still a few decent groups out there, but they, too are consumed with drama and infantile inner disputes that are best dealt with privately between the individuals. Good luck, my dear landlord and friend!