Monday, June 28, 2010

random update

I think it's time for some more updates. Been so busy the last weeks with building and renovating Tidra. Hm, I think I'm busy with building for the last 2.5 years?  I don't know if you can really call it "building". Someone once said about me, I would only place prefabbed objects and every idiot could do that. Some others said, I'm the best builder they ever met. - I think it's something in between. Lets say I'm a good decorator with an eye and passion for details.
A good builder to me knows how to sculpt and to script. I have no idea about scripting (unless to change some existing scripts) . And sculpting? ... well, still learning. - Anyways... I've been busy. Still am. But Tidra is getting quite nice, I think. However I wouldn't be Franzi if I was satisfied with it. Now as it is almost finished, I think it could be better. *hehe*

Although I love to build or to create or to decorate or whatever you call it... I could use a break now. It's going on quite too long already. But at least it distracted me from other things. Like missing my hubbie! Kenshi is away from SL way too long already because of some RL-issues. And my lil devil Mick had no connection for weeks. Since friday his connection is back, but haven't seen him much.

One week ago my lil RL-kitteh had to be euthanized. He was sick for a while, but I always still had hope, because he fought so hard, was eating much and he tried and tried and tried.  The vet was not a big help; she wanted to euthanize him already 2 months ago. Last weekend he somehow lost the fight. He wasn't "himself" anymore, his glance was "absent". I held him on my lap the whole night from sunday to monday, kept him in my arms on the bed later... didn't get sleep that night... maybe an hour I dozed away... It was one of my hardest nights ever, feeling his weak little body close to me, holding him and unable to do anything for him except giving him my love and warmth. In the morning I called the vet for giving the little red devil a injection, but still had to wait the whole day until the vet came. A long day of suffering for both of us - the kitten and me.
Thanks to Teleny and Eddi for their comments and soothing words. Sadly I don't believe in afterlife, but the thought of a kitteh-heaven full of mice to hunt (question: Are those mice then in mouse-hell? Being hunted by kittehs again and again?) and catnip to roll in is comforting.

However - standing almost alone with the sorrow these days made me think a lot. Think about what this second life is worth. But maybe I'm just too exhausted and things will be better.

Last week I got a bit distraction from the distraction of building. Was at a "capture the flag" game at Tabor which was fun, though I still have no idea, where my shot arrows land. The other distraction was last night, when I first went to the Tabor-dance (which is always a very quiet event. People seem to be in voice, but I can't hear voice and music at the same time) and then over to Tainted Boys, where we celebrated Germany's soccer-victory against England. Was fun especially as I suddenly remembered, that almost exactly two years ago I was in the same costume for the very first time at Tainted Boys. JC dragged me there... I think it was the time of the European soccer-championship.

So, that's it so far. Time to return to building. Soon going to make a new video about Tidra, when the work is finally done (if ever!)...

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