Saturday, June 12, 2010

the wedding

It's almost four weeks ago when we had the double-wedding. Kenshi & me renewed our vows in Gorean tradition. In Gor a Free Companionship lasts one year, after that it is renewed or just dissolved. There are no divorces in Gor. *hehe* Well, I'm glad, my hubbie chosed to renew the vows with me.

And my two boys / little bros, Mick & Brian, had their SL-wedding the same day. Their RL-wedding - as I mentioned before - two days before that.

It was a bit of a stressy time. They had to do preparations for the RL-wedding, so I was pretty alone moving Tidra from the homestead-SIM to the full SIM, building a sky-platform to live at outside of RP AND to make preparations for the SL-wedding.

Thanks to JC, who done the ceremony, and to Heloq, who cared for the music, and thanks to all the guests it was a very romantic (even if laggy) event.

Haven't seen either my hubby or my boys often since. The lil rascals went to honeymoons and my dragon was away for some work travels for two weeks.

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