Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank God, weekend is over!

Well, there's not much to tell about the weekend. Only the "history" of ticket submitting to Linden and trying to save the Isle of Tidra. This is the History of my weekend:

1. Accidently flattened the whole SIM for some levels, so that half of the SIM was under water
2. After RL-work on Friday worked half of the night to get the terraforming back
3. Wrote to the German support of Linden to ask for a rollback BEFORE the accident happened; waited long for a reaction
4. After many hours of waiting, German support adviced to try the "revert" button or ask for a rollback in the English support. I asked for the rollback
5. Linden reacted quickly and did the rollback... with the result, that it was as messy as it was after the accident, before my work of Friday night; so Friday night was a waste of time
6. Wrote in the ticket, that they seem to rolledback from the wrong moment and if they can do it again, but from an earlier moment
7. Waited another several hours for an answer, but as nothing came (8 hours later) I sent another ticket
8. While waiting for the answer, I finally tried the "revert" button as recommended... which made the whole SIM almost COMPLETELY flat. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
9. Got the message, that they closed the 1. ticket, working on the 2. ticket, but I should tell them the exact time, before the accident happened (which I already did 3 times...)
10. They set the SIM offline most of the day
11. As I came back from a long working-day on sunday evening, I got the message, that the problem is "solved"
12. The SIM looks exactly as flat as it was before and I don't see any difference from a rollback
13. I GAVE UP! (But wrote them a comment in the ticket, that I gave up, and now I can't do anything, as the ticked still says "work in progress" and I don't want to put some hours work into it and then Linden rolls it back to the messy under water state from friday or flat state from saturday)

Well, at least I got some new ideas for the island and I'm ready for another few weeks of terraforming......


Misha said...

i wonder if the roll back would work if the land textured was not saved?

Franziskus said...

yes, it would. Linden makes backups every several hours and keeps them for 72 hours. But they just didn't manage to rollback to the right point BEFORE the accident.