Friday, November 20, 2009

burn your bible!

Been to a new Gay Gor SIM yesterday, that claimed for itself to be strictly "By The Books". - Oh my! I can't hear that "By the Books" anymore. It seems to me like some fanatic, fundamentalistic Christians which take the bible literal. Those take John Normans Books literal and only RE-play a world created by a bad author instead of using it as basic to build upon it.
However... the funny if not to say ironic thing is: 1. How can a GAY Gor SIM at all be "By the Books", as there were no Gay Cities in the books? and 2. In their rules they dictate, that they don't accept a distinction between "red silk" and "white silk" slaves. Well, this is funny, as this distinction IS from the books (For non-Goreans: White Silks = virgins, Red Silks = opened). And also restricted red silks were known, as it is only natural, that a Master doesn't want his slaves be fucked by anyone.
So, before you claim to be a "BTB"-SIM, you better get informed and read the damn books!

Another thing I recognized: They don't accept a "30 minutes no RP and I'm out"-limit in the picks. Justifying it, that a captive couldn't expect that he is "center of attention" all the time. - Well, do not expect ME (or anyone else) to waste his online time sitting in your dungeon and waiting for hours, till you have time for him. - But in this case I recommend a place-holder. Put it in the dungeon/cell, go OOC somewhere else to have fun, and return, when they have time for you.

I say it again and again: Gor is a fucking GAME! Each player should have fun with it, no matter if Free or slave, Capturer or Captive. You can't claim someone to feel bad or ignore him and justify this with BTB. That's crap!

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