Tuesday, November 3, 2009

still catching for breath

Time runs so fast... (except when I'm on RL-work, then every hour feels like three).  Not in the bestest mood, trying to sort things in RL and SL, but without success. Do you know that feeling, when you got a mountain of work to do and you just sit before it, numb and loosing all your energy? *sighs*

Is not much to tell about the last days. Resting my heavy head in my love's lap the whole friday night, talking about the future of the island, about disappointments, about family... and fell asleep in his lap, which was pretty nice.

Missed most of the weekend due to RL-work as usual. Didn't join any halloween-party. (Oh, and belated happy birthday, Chris. Didn't see you online)

Yesterday, monday, I went with my two boys Mick and Brian to dance at Tainted boys to celebrate Mick's RL-birthday (sunday) too. That was fun as we were in the middle of a teacher-students-RP. *heh* Marin and his boy Conny joined us also (in the dance, not in the RP). Was a nice distraction.

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