Friday, November 20, 2009

My boys

Time to write something about my lovely boys! - Especially Mick aka "Wolf" and Brian aka "Eagle". I don't see my boy Tesakam too often. They all share one computer in RL, so those who knows us, will know, why Tesakam is seldom online.

All our boys are attending the Academy of Mur now and very eager to go through the lessons quickly. Especially Mick/Wolf. A while ago Matrix Voom wrote in his blog about "Being a Kajirus and Kajira". I'm proud to say, that my boy Wolf is such a kajirus (okay, he might have to work on the "patience" thing, but to be a lil hot-head is part of his lovely character; I don't wanna miss it). He is truely devoted, he sticks to me in good times as in bad times. He believes in me even in my weakest moments. Sometimes I can talk to him even better and more ingenuous then to my companion.
And Brian/Eagle? I don't see him so often and we have some communication problems, because he only speaks French, I do not, and the translator often translates crap. But his heart speaks to me and it is a pure and shining heart. There's a reason why I call him "mon petit ange". He makes me smile a lot, when he walks through this new world with big eyes, curious and eager to learn more and more like a (very smart) kid.

I just wanna say: I love you, mine, and thank you!