Wednesday, November 11, 2009

doesn't get better

Still no time to breath. Could start complaining and whining now, but that wouldn't help much. So... just an apology, that I don't have the time to write in this blog.

However, yesterday I tried to take a short break. A break from RP, a break from reading notices, a break from IMs, a break from building, creating, administrating... So I went on Eddi's invitation to the Museum of Sex Furniture. But I didn't come far. Played a bit outside with Boris, the Rottweiler:

I also heard Albert, the German Shephard, panting somewhere, but didn't find him. However, as I finally wanted to go inside, my love Kenshi joined me, made me a lovely suprised, played me songs and calmed me down a bit. He's so lovely! Well, he must be, otherwise he wouldn't bear with me for such a long time. *hehe*

The tribe-life on our island... hm, is a bit of disappointment. Thinking a lot about it and about making it a "normal" Gorean Sim - whatever that might be. I'm just too tired of fighting and discussing with other Gorean Sims about our exceptional state of allowing non-human AVs. So many said and still say, that they would love to RP as Nekos or whatever, but they don't come. And if they come, it seems they are only looking for sex and not for RP. Well, Gorean RP isn't something you just sneak in for an hour or so and then doing something else again. It's a permanent condition and your journeys to "earth" (= the rest of SL) are the exception. Not the other way round. I made a lot to explore on the island, a lot of social possibilities for a tribe's life, but it's not used. TPing in, looking on the radar if someone is there to fuck and if not, TPing out again and then complaining to me, that nothing happens... well, that's NOT the way Gor works, if human or non-human. So,  besides our chain the only ones who are really playing and taking part on the isle-life are Freki, Sieg, Jaap and Lutz.  Thank you, guys! None of the tribe. So we are considering a group-meeting in the next days to decide all together about the future of the island and the direction it will take.


Eddi Haskell said...

Thank you Franz! Boris has been very jealous and quite upset that she (yes, Boris is a she) has not yet appeared in any blogs! The very photogenic Albert has so far appeared in over three blogs, three YouTubes, and even has his OWN X-rated blog! It just goes to show how looks do not ALWAYS triumph over substance in the animal world. Thanks again for the write-up!

Albert said...

When you have it honey, flaunt it!