Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As some of you know, we are sleeping online most of the times. I love to fall asleep in the arms of my Kenshi or with him or my boy Wolf in my arms. We take that picture (and "feeling") with us into RL-sleep. Our AVs set to "away" and "busy". Sometimes when I just sit before the screen and watch my beloved ones sleeping. Some will say it's nuts, but we like it.

However, as we woke up on monday, we recognized in the chat-log, that at night two girls from the neighbor-parcel came over to our parcel, broke into our house and into our bedroom and amused themselves by putting our sleeping AVs in different sexual positions.

Well, some will say "so what?! It's just an AV!", but for us it was a very heavy violation of our privacy, dirty and humiliating. We were and are very upset. I reported them to the landlords (landladies to be exact) and to LL for grieving. Of course it's a physical difference if you do that in RL or in SL, but imho there's not much difference in mind to break into someone's house in RL and abuse him in sleep. What's going on in those people? Do they really think it's funny???

The landladies agreed with us about the heavy violation of our privacy. But I didn't get any reaction of LL yet.

We closed our private parcel now to group-access only, but still it's not the same anymore when we snuggle together at night...

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