Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a few days later

Still not so much to tell these days...

We continued being busy making nice vessels, bags, containers... for the NLS goods we sell. Though I am not sure, if we go on with that... After all we offer goods for RP-coins where you would pay L$, when you buy them at marketplace. Not sure, if it is worth the effort.

However, here's River at the pottery-wheel making nice bowls for wine-grapes:

We offer the NLS-grapes in these bowls. Nice decoration for everyone:

After being insulted in Tabor East with no reason at all, I considered to leave the whole Tabor-cluster. But then my boys convinced me, that we shouldn't leave it up to a single person to chase us from a place, we really like (Tabor Tropics), with some people we also like. So we just won't go to the other places. Their loss, not ours.

The frustration about the NLS continues anyways. I wonder, if there is any SIM and any people out there, who take it as "serious" as we do? Nobody really thinks about prices. And there are so many great chances for RP, but as long as everybody just gathers everything himself... etc. *sighs* Well, same song I sang before! However: Is there anybody out there who really likes to roleplay with the NLS? In a realistic way? Not slavegirls picking for metal ore in their fine dancing silks. Not warriors baking pies. (Okay, I tried baking once... had to feed the result to our sleen Fluffy who then was gone for almost a week...) Not slaves camping on harvesters OOC the whole day .

Okay, for something nicer: Got new outfit of me and my boys, so we match. It's lovely, I think. And they are so sexy in it!

River finally gained a bit weight, which suits him well. And we are testing the OpenCollar, which I - combined with RLV - enjoy a lot!

Missing my other two boys which I haven't seen since before christmas. As well as my son who vanished... Hope they are all well (RL).

Yesterday I finally could make it again to the Tabor OOC dance which I missed last week. Always enjoy that as the end of a hard RL-working weekend. And as we came home, we found a little "prezzie" on the table from Risky:

It was a dead urt (=rat). Risky is an urt-catcher... a cat.. or better said: A giani! (small panther-like cat on Gor). We thought it was funny and nice. Unfortunately the AV of Risky is mesh. As I returned to the old phoenix player, cause the new one caused too much trouble, I can't see mesh-Avatars. Only big bubbles. Really too bad! Would have been fun to RP with it.

Well, I think that's the news. And still no time to build.. *sigh*

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