Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A nice awakening

 Last night:

My second boy had to go to kennel early last night, so I had ordered my first boy River, to strip down naked in the court yard and to put on his cuffs ((still trying out the OpenCollar - and enjoying it)). Expecting me there.
After giving Ol' Grumpy another bottle of sul-paga for the night and checking the marketstalls a last time, I returned home. My slave expecting me in the court yard... kneeling... his legs spread wide... exposing his body to me.
I made him lick my boots and while he was busy doing so, I cuffed his wrists together on his back. Then made him open the laces of my pants and pull it down a bit, so he could lick my cock - the only lube he would get.
As the saliva already soaked my pubic hair, dripping from my balls down to the ground, I gagged my slutboy, pulled him up and pinned him against the whipping post... Chaining his arms over his head.
I took him quick... hard... merciless... sating my lust on my slave's body... and it didn't take too long to fill him with my cum.
Afterwards I released him from the chains and the gag and led him to my bedroom with a leash connected to his collar.
"I hope you enjoyed it, my Master", he asked on the way, walking a bit funny.
"How does your ass feel?", I asked him back.
"Sore, my master", he admitted.
"Then I think I enjoyed it...", I answered with a big grin and added ".. much!"
As we reached the bedroom I nodded towards the bed "Hop in, my lil sunshine!"
He climbed on to the bed and lied down obedient as always.
I attached the leash to the ring over the bed and locked it with a little padlock, then held the key up for my slave to see it. I pulled a ring out of my pocket and attached the key to this ring. Then I slid the ring with the key over my cock, explaining to my first boy: "Hmmmmmm... you can open your cuffs in the morning, my lil sunshine."
"Yes, my Master", he replied.
"But to get the key, you are not allowed to use your hands!"
He nodded understanding, his eyes growing a bit bigger.
I continued with a grin: "And with my morning-wood, it won't be so easy to get it off my cock."
"No, my Master", he whispered with his eyes fixed on the key - and my cock.
"Well... I am sure, you will find a way.....", I saidI undressed completely and joined him in the bed, pulling his body close to mine, covering his genitals with the palm of my hand.
Soon we both fell asleep - exhausted, but happy.

In the morning:

River’s eyes flicker open and he lifts his hand to shade against the bright sun that is streaming through the window. Behind him the strong well muscled body of his Master is pressed hard to his. A heavy hand is wrapped over him, covering his genitals, claiming them as its own.
He whimpers a little as his Master’s morning wood juts hard into his back and he tries to shift a little to alleviate the dull ache it is causing in the small of his back. The chain attached to the collar around his throat clinks against itself and River remembers his Master’s order. But first he has to extract himself from his Master’s tight embrace, without waking him up.
River inches a little closer to his Master, thinking that the hand would be limp enough to stay, but as he does his Master’s fist tightens in reflex, gripping his property in an unyielding hold, making River yelp a little as his fingers dig into his ball sack. He groans as his cock responds, solidifying in the embrace. He curses under his breath at how sensitive he had become since being enslaved. He never used to harden at the slightest touch. Carefully he reaches down and covers his Master’s hand with his own, stroking the skin with his fingertips until his Master loosened his grip.

Gently he lifts his Master’s hand from him and slides from under his restricting arm. Without his slave’s body to hold on to his Master rolls onto his back and stretches his arm above his head.
River collects himself, and examines his Master, his eyes going down to the massive solid phallus and the ring pushed up to the root and the small silver key that was resting on the full balls, nestled in the thick pubic hair. His Master had demanded that he release himself and to do that he needed that key but he had been ordered not to use his hands. River moved onto his knees and lowered his head, bringing his lips close to his Master’s cock; he felt the heat emanating from it before he even touched it. He brings his lips to the hard flesh and kisses it tenderly, feeling it twitch beneath them. Tentatively he touches his tongue to it, a groan forms in his throat as he tastes the dried body fluids, bitter on his tongue, from where his Master had used his body the night before. He lifted up his head and inside he thanked his Master for demanding that they are always so clean inside and out and he lowered his head again. He moved his mouth up over the ring, it’s tight and he tries to work out the best way to do this. With his Master as hard as he was, there was no way he could take that ring off. River takes a breath; he is left with only one option.
He moves down his Master’s body and licks at the tender piss slit, using the tip of his tongue to worm inside a little. He freezes as his Master groans, staying still until his Master was quiet again. River adjusted his position then moves his mouth again to his Master’s cock, taking the head between his lips, sucking on it. A moan forms in the back of his throat as it begins to leak and he sucks on it harder, swallowing the salty pre-cum. He begins to take the cock deeper, letting it slide to the back of his throat, his head bobbing up and down as he works. He starts to reach, to hold it erect to make it easier, but stops, again remembering that he had been forbidden to use his hands in the retrieval of the key.

He presses his tongue hard to the shaft as he sucks, massaging it with the strong muscle. His own cock juts painfully from his body, his balls full now and his piss slit leaking, dripping on to the sheets of his Master’s bed. River takes his Master all the way, gagging as he hits the back of his throat. His mouth waters out of control and he forces himself to swallow it and keep working.The sooner he can tempt his Master to come the sooner he can stop his efforts. He pushes forward, deep throating his Master, his nose buried deep in the thick pubic hair and the scent of his Master’s musk filling his senses. He feels his Master jump in his mouth and he sucks harder, moving his head up and down, encouraging his Master to mouth fuck him in his sleep. Again the cock jumps in his mouth, this time shooting hot cum down his throat. River swallows over and over, sucking hard to drain the solid phallus completely. Finally his Master begins to soften and he lets it fall limply from his mouth. He catches his breath and licks the remnants of the cum from his lips. He looks at his Master’s face expecting to see him looking back at him, but his eyes remained shut.

River’s eyes settle back to the ring that is now loose on the soft cock and he moves his lips back down to it. Again he takes his Master’s cock in his mouth, this time its soft and pliant, a moan forms again in his throat, suddenly turned on so much by the softness in his mouth. He closes his eyes; he had not been given permission to enjoy his task. River moves his mouth over the ring, taking it with his teeth and edging it down inch by inch. He pauses, not sure if he felt his Master move. When no hand moved to stop him, he continued with his task, sliding the ring off of his Master’s cock. He lifted his head and spits the ring and the key into his hand, smug that he had done it without waking his Master. His cock is throbbing but he sits up, a smile of his face on how clever he had been only to look up into his Master’s eyes, full of mirth, as he watches his slave.
River trembles under his gaze and lowers his head.
“Good morning, my lil Sunshine,” his Master says, his voice full of humour.
“Good morning, my Master,” River replies softly and holds up the key for his Master to take from him.

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