Friday, January 27, 2012


Here's just a little RP from last night. It's nothing special, definitely not perfect (like "hours", "minutes" would be "ahn", "ehn". There's no "aii" in the meaning of "yes" in the books. etc.), it was a bit chaotic too with three different things going on, people crashing and lagging (that's why I left in the OOC notes), but still it's an example, what the NLS is meant for: As an expedient and extension to RP, not it's substitute. And how trades could be - instead of just tp, exchange, leave or (worse) gathering it all yourself.

I was standing with River at the docks, stock-taking of the marketstalls, when a kind of pedalboat arrived....

[14:28] Jimmy Bloch: "We are shafe, shishtersh!", he shouts as he jumps on the firm land
[14:28] Jimmy Bloch: "And I shink I been here before!"
[14:28] Susanna Bloch has entered chat range.
[14:28] Cessillia Bloch has entered chat range.

[14:29] River: "Greetings, Master"
[14:29] Jimmy Bloch approaches the two men and recognizes them "Tal, Shir! Greetingsh, boy! Oh, I knowsh you!"
[14:29] River: "Greetings, Mistress, how might I help you?"
[14:29] Susanna Bloch: "I shink I will shusht shit shere."
[14:30] River: "Can I bring you anything, Mistress?"
[14:30] Susanna Bloch: "Not yet, boy."
[14:31] Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows as he sees the strange vessel arriving at the shores, two of the people looking familiar "Tal!", he answers the greeting. He looks from the people to the 'boat', then back "That's an... intersting vessel to ride the ocean you got there!"
[14:31] River: "Can I get you anything, Master? Mistress?", River asks.
[14:32] Susanna Bloch sits at the low table feeling a bit queasy from the boat ride
[14:32] Jimmy Bloch beams proudly "Shank you! I hash builded it!", then his face gets serious again. "Our ship - she Impresh - shinked. But we could shave ourshelvesh and our goodhs from she wavesh!"
[14:33] Cessillia Bloch asks cautiously "Do you hash any.... " her eyes linger of the freeman for a moment "larma shoosh?", she asks the boy, nudging her brother forward to introduce her to the handsome gentleman
[14:33] River: "shat... that was very lucky, Master"
[14:33] Jimmy Bloch looks at the man closely, then at the slave, then around, then back to the man "I shink I hash been here before. Shish ish Tabor, ishn't it"
[14:34] Franziskus Ninetails frowns as he hears, that the mighty Impress sunk - if he understood the accent right. "I'm sorry to hear that! But lucky that you are safe now!"
[14:34] River: "It is Tabor Tropics, Master"
[14:35] Franziskus Ninetails nods in agreement to his slave "Aye, this is Tabor Tropics. I seen you before, I think...."
[14:35]  Gorka has entered chat range.
[14:35] Jimmy Bloch nods: "Aye.. me ish Shimmy, sheshe are my shishtersh - Sheshie and Shushie!"
[14:36] Gorka: "Tal all"
[14:36] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Ah, well met.. again then, Shimmy, Sheshie and Shushie!", then smiles as another man jumps from the ferry "Tal, Gorka, if I remember it right?"
[14:36] Susanna Bloch looks at the handsome man by the bar and unconsiously straightens her skirts
[14:36] Gorka: "yes"
[14:37] River: "Greetings, Master", River says greeting the master that arrives
[14:37] Gorka: "Any merchant here?"
[14:37] Jimmy Bloch shakes his head and speaks very slowly "No! Ish Shi-mmy, She-shi and Shu-shi!", then looks at the arrived man "Tal, Shir!"
[14:37] Susanna Bloch looks up at the half dressed man and gulps at his manly body
[14:38] Franziskus Ninetails looks a bit confused and then remembers and beams "Ah! Right! Forgive me! Jimmy, Cessy and Susie, right?", then turns to Gorka "Aye, I am here. What do you need, Sir?"
[14:38] Cessillia Bloch smile at both of the gentlemen, her hand moving to her hair gently pushing it up, then straightening her dress frowning at the salt marks from their journey, before blushing demurely at the gentlemen
[14:42]  Gorka: "I'm Gorka, farmer in Northen Tabor"
[14:38] Gorka has left chat range.
[14:38] Cessillia Bloch smile at both of the gentlemen, her hand moving to her hair gently pushing it up, then straightening her dress frowning at the salt marks from their journey, before blushing demurely at the gentlemen
[14:43] River: "Might I help you, Master?"
[14:43] River looks at the giant of a man that is standing before him
[14:44] Gorka: ((sorry my RP is small, my english is no very good))
[14:44] Jimmy Bloch smiles at the stranger and introduces himself again "Well met, Gorka. Me ish Shimmy of she clan of Bloch. Sheshe are my shishtersh - Sheshy and Shushy"
[14:44] Gorka: "very good"
[14:44] Gorka: "Greetings, Lady"
[14:44] Jimmy Bloch: ((Oh, then you might have problems understanding our "accent"? But if you have to clear something here, we can wait))
[14:45] Gorka: ((ok thanks you))
[14:45] Gorka: "Nice clothes, lady"
[14:45] Franziskus Ninetails smiles at Gorka and points to a barrel next to him "Have a seat, Gorka! What do you need?"
[14:45] River: "Mistress, would you like to sit?"
[14:46] River: "I shall bring you your juice"
[14:46] Franziskus Ninetails then snips his fingers to his slave "Maybe the shipwreckers are hungry, my lil sunshine. And bring a rence-beer for Gorka!"
[14:47] Gorka: "I find a merchant to sell my products"
[14:47] Jimmy Bloch licks his lips then asks his sisters "Are you ash hungry ash me, shishtersh?"
[14:47] Cessillia Bloch looks at the low seats, then the barrels, then the low seats again, and cautiously sits, trying to gather her skirt around her to try to prevent diplaying her ankles
[14:47] Franziskus Ninetails: "What are you selling, Gorka?"
[14:48] Gorka: "Meat, milk, ramberry, tospit"
[14:48] Gorka: "Are you a warrior, Jimmy?"
[14:50] Jimmy Bloch shakes his head "No, I'm shusht a shepherd, Shir", then he whispers with his sisters, while the merchant neogitates with the other man
[14:49] Cessillia Bloch thinks for a moment "Shome shoup woulds'sh be good, and wouldsh help shettle your shtumok my shishter"
[14:49]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles "So, I'm a simple merchant out here in the tropics, Gorka"
[14:50] River: "Yes, Mistress"
[14:50] River: "We have sul or carrot mistress?"
[14:50] Gorka: "A merchant?"
[14:51] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye, these are our marketstalls"
[14:51] Gorka: "Really nice!"
[14:51] Gorka: "I hope we can have business"
[14:51] Franziskus Ninetails: "Why don't you sit over here and have a rence-beer? The first one is on me!"
[14:51] Susanna Bloch: "I would like shul pleashe, shlave."
[14:52] Gorka: "thanks, man!"
[14:52] Gorka: "Later I invite"
[14:52] Cessillia Bloch scratches her chin, then blushes as she realises it is the time of the week she needs to shave "Shul alsho pleashe"
[14:52] Franziskus Ninetails: "So, meat, milk, ramberries and tospit, you said?"
[14:52] Gorka: "yes"
[14:52] River: "yes, Mistress"
[14:53] Gorka: "Boy, have paga?"
[14:53] Franziskus Ninetails scratches his chin "Hmmmm... what kind of meat? We always need some for our beasts here"
[14:53] Gorka: "Meat of bosk"
[14:54] Franziskus Ninetails: "Milk we have our own bosk-cows, but ramberries and tospit.. hmmm.. we could have some, if the price is right"
[14:54] Franziskus Ninetails: "How many do you have to offer?"
[14:54] Franziskus Ninetails nods to his slave to offer paga instead of rence-beer
[14:54] Gorka: ((lol im new and really i dont know how much))
[14:56] Jimmy Bloch counts his coins then asks the slaves in a whisper "How mush ish shome shoup and shuishe and a piesh of bread?"
[14:56] River: "That is one silver and 65 TS please, Mistress"
[14:57] Gorka: ((i hope any can help me with prices))
[[all crashed at that moment]]

[15:02]  Susanna Bloch: "Did my brosher tell you what we wanted to trade, Shir?"
[15:03]  Cessillia Bloch: ((brb whilst we wait for Jimmy to reconnect too, I will call him if he is not back in a minute))
[15:03]  River: ((maybe he is stuck))
[15:04]  Cessillia Bloch: ((nods, I'll give him a minute then call him, he might be having to reboot the computer))

[15:05] Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head, a bit worried as Gorka ran so fast to the bushes, maybe not good in handling the strong paga. "No, I thought you wanted to eat and drink first"
[15:09] Jimmy Bloch almost faints as the slave charges a silver tarsk for the soup "What?! I didn't want to buy she whole shul-fieldsh!"
[15:11] Cessillia Bloch nods and looks longingly at the soup "Ish shorry, we cantsh afford to pay shat"
[15:11] River:"I miscounted"
[15:10] River: "It's 1 copper and 65"
[15:10] River hangs his head shamefully
[15:11] River: "Forgive me, Mistress."
[15:11] River looks over his shoulder at his master and bites his lip
[15:12] Cessillia Bloch pats her heart softly checking that it is still working "Oh, shat'sh fine, Ish heard she greensh shay a good shock occashionally ish good for the heart"
[15:13] Susanna Bloch: "Ish alright boy, mishtakesh happen."
[15:15] Cessillia Bloch fumbles around in her back, and finally locating her purse counts out 2 copper coins hoping that is correct, and being ignorant of the correct treatment of slaves holds them out in the palm of her hand for the boy to take from her
[15:16] River: "I will bring your change mistress," river says, still ashamed of his mistake
[15:18] River puts the coins in a small box behind his counter
[15:18] River: "your change, Mistress"
[15:18] Jimmy Bloch: "You hash enough coinsh, shishtersh? I hash coinsh too"
[15:19] Cessillia Bloch: "Shank you, little one"
[15:19] Jimmy Bloch looks at the table - empty before him "I don't get shul-shoup? and bread? and shooshe? How mush ish shat?"
[15:20] Susanna Bloch sips at her soup, enjoying the delicate flavour.
[15:20] Cessillia Bloch smiles at her brother "I'sh sold a few piesh brosher, sho many lashy Mistreshesh on she ship who did not know how to cook"
[15:21] Lady Nahan has entered chat range.
[15:21] The slave-girl 'beast' has entered chat range.

[15:21]  Franziskus Ninetails looks up at another ferry arrives and mumbles "Oh, a busy day today!"
[15:22] Cessillia Bloch rumbles around in her bag a bit more, then locating one, holds up a candy heart, flicking of the dust from the bag, and the salt from the traveling and passes it to the boy "here, you may ash well hash shish, I neesh to cook some more"
[15:22] Jimmy Bloch: ((I think I'm losing my connection...))
[15:22]  Susanna Bloch: ((ohh dear))
[15:23]  Jimmy Bloch has left chat range.
[15:23]  Gorka has entered chat range.

[15:23]  River stands up. "Can I bring you anything else, Mistresses?"
[15:24]  Franziskus Ninetails jumps up from the barrels to welcome the other guests
[15:24]  Gorka: "Tal, again"
[15:24]  Gorka: "Any can serve paga for all?"
[15:24]  River: "Forgive me, Master, I did not see you sitting there"
[15:24]  Gorka: "Franz!"
[15:25]  Lady Nahan "Come girl .. lets alight .. and see who is about"
[15:25]  River: "How might I serve you?"
[15:25]  Gorka: "No problem, boy"
[15:25]  Franziskus Ninetails approaches the next visitors "Tal and welcome to Tabor Tropics"
[15:25]  Susanna Bloch: ((sighs phone call))
[15:25]  Gorka: "I want paga!"
[15:25]  Lady Nahan "Greetings Sir "
[15:25]  River: "Yes, Master"
[15:26]  River: "It is 70 TS. Master"
[15:26]  Gorka: "good boy"
[15:26]  Franziskus Ninetails raises his hand and gives them a smile "I'm Franziskus of Tidra, merchant to Tabor here"
[15:26]  The slave-girl 'beast' kneels at mistress feet in a graceful tower "greetings, Master"
[15:26]  Lady Nahan "I am Nahan, Healer for the Kataii Tribe "
[15:26]  Lady Nahan "Well met, Sir "
[15:26]  Franziskus Ninetails nods with a warm smile "Well met, Nahan"
[15:27]  Franziskus Ninetails turns his head to the kneeling slave-girl "And this wild beauty here... ?"
[15:28]  Lady Nahan "I came along this morning .. to trade some Ka-la-na grapes... but had to leave.. oh she is just a Beast .. one of the slaves from our camp!"
[15:28]  The slave-girl 'beast' bends forward touching her head to the mans boot in a half karta "Thank you, Master", she wispers sensually before sitting erect again
[15:29]  River pours a goblet of paga for the master and passes it to him
[15:29]  Lady Nahan "Introduce yourself, girl"
[15:29]  Gorka: "thanks, boy"
[15:29]  River: "Greetings again, Mistress"
[15:29]  Gorka: "You serve very good"
[15:30]  Lady Nahan "Greetings again, boy"
[15:30]  The slave-girl 'beast': "yes mistress, this one is called beast for now as this one has been given no name", she blushes ashamed" this one is simply beast of Kataii"
[15:30]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles as the slave touches his boot with her head. "... and a well educated one too, as I see" His face brightens as he hears 'grapes'. "Ohhhh, grapes! Those are very welcome!", then makes an inviting gesture to the sit-group "But please, sit down, lady Nahan. You must be exhausted after the long travel"
[15:31]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles once more at the kajira "Well.. 'beast' is not the worst name..."
[15:31]  Lady Nahan "Thank you, Sir .. that would be nice .. but i need to stretch my legs after the journey"
[15:31]  Franziskus Ninetails raises an eyebrow "Oh, you met my slave already?"
[15:32]  Lady Nahan " yes ... he was very attentive to me this morning "
[15:32]  The slave-girl 'beast' sits up proudly arching her spine and thrusting out her breast "beast thanks you master" smiles brightly
[15:32]  Franziskus Ninetails then brightens, looking down to his slave "Ah, the lady you told me, mine?"
[15:32]  River: "Yes, my master"
[15:32]  Lady Nahan come along girl
[15:33]  River: "Might I get you something, mistress?"
[15:33]  Franziskus Ninetails points to the soft pillow "Please, have a seat"
[15:33]  Lady Nahan: "A little juice maybe... or a blackwine"
[15:34]  River: "I have both, Mistress"
[15:34]  The slave-girl 'beast' kneels behind the mistress her tower polite and tight her thighs clamp shut and she settles the mistress skirts carefully
[15:34]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Ah, you are lucky! We have the best black wine outside of Thentis. Maybe even better!"
[15:35]  Gorka has left chat range.
[15:35]  Lady Nahan takes a seat .. looks around .. seeing the others "Greetings Ladies "
[15:35]  Lady Nahan "Then black wine it will be.." smiles
[15:35]  Franziskus Ninetails introducing the others "These are survivors of the Impress. They just arrived!" ((and one seems on the phone, one crashed))
[15:35]  River: "Yes, Mistress"
[15:35]  The slave-girl 'beast' wispers "Greetings, Mistresses", her head bows low
[15:36]  Franziskus Ninetails nods to his slave "wine.. watered for me, mine"
[15:36]  River pauses, "Would Mistress like first or second slave?"
[15:36]  River: "Yes, my master"
[15:36]  Lady Nahan "Black - no sugar"
[15:36]  Cessillia Bloch smiles looking up from sipping her juice "Greetingsh, shorry, I did not shee you shere" ((sorry, was on a call to Jimmy, he has lost his connection, he will come back as soon as he can reconnect))
[15:38]  Cessillia Bloch smiles looking at the ladies hair "oh, goodnesh! I like you hair!" she enthuses, then pats her own thoughtfully for a moment "Ish it hardsh to do?"
[15:38]  Lady Nahan (( sorry was in arena mode .. after practicing forgot to change it back ))
[15:39]  Lady Nahan: "nay Lady .. but does take a long time .. like 7 hours "
[15:39]  Franziskus Ninetails as he waits for the watered wine studies his new guest for a moment. "So, you come a long way, it seems" ((no problem. I noticed, but didn't plan to fight with you, so it was fine to me))
[15:40]  Lady Nahan "Yes, Sir... we have traveled a long journey... but the sea was calm and the weather good .. so was fine"
[15:40]  River pours out a goblet of black wine and places it on a tray with sugars and cream. He then pours a large goblet of wine, topping it with a little water
[15:41]  Franziskus Ninetails before the women end in... women's talk quickly draws the attention to the main subjects "... my slave said, you had grapes to offer? That is good as we are running out of them"
[15:41]  River places the tray on the table then moves to his master to serve him first as always
[15:41]  Lady Nahan "aii that i do... I have around 200 ka-la-na for trade today"
[15:42]  Lady Nahan "What would be your best offer?"
[15:43]  River holds up the cup of wine, pressing it first to his belly then to his heart, finally he kisses the goblet just below the rim,
[15:43]  Franziskus Ninetails's face brightens as he hears the quantity just for the bit of an ihn before he gets his trading face back, no muscle in his face moving
[15:43]  River offers it two handedly to his master, whispering "Wine to quench your thirst, my Master"
[15:43]  Franziskus Ninetails takes his time and takes the goblet from his slave's hand, thinking
[15:44]  Cessillia Bloch nods thinking that would take longer than her twice weekly shave and frowns as the man interrupts a good natter, but then forgives him for being so handsome as she flutters her eyelashes at him "I'm Sheshy by she way, well met" she whispers to the lady before the handsome man interrupts them again
[15:45]  River moves to the mistress and pours a large goblet of blackwine. "Forgive this one mistress," he says, "did you say first or second slave?"
[15:45]  Susanna Bloch: ((sorry))
[15:45]  Lady Nahan "I am Nahan.. Healer to the Kataii. Well met indeed"
[15:45]  Susanna Bloch: ((my shishter on the phone, she never shtops talking brb))
[15:45]  The slave-girl 'beast' begins to lightly sweat in the tropic climate. so humid compared to the plains. she looks around reminded of her long life as a free woman in the south. the smell of the tropic ignights memories and the banter of the free in trade chase them away.
[15:45]  Lady Nahan "Nothing to forgive, boy... you see to your Master first.. thats a good thing "
[15:46]  River waits for the lady to let him know if she wants sugars and cream
[15:46]  Lady Nahan " I said Black no sugar"
[15:47]  Lady Nahan ((dont know what first or second means ))
[15:47]  River blushes that he had been distracted, "Forgive me, Mistress,"
[15:47]  Franziskus Ninetails takes a small sip from the watered wine, then coughs as he had forgotten to introduce his other guests "Oh, my apologies. This is Cessy and this is Susanna from the Clan of Bloch. The survivors of the sunken Impress. The young lad behind me, taking a nap there in the grass ((crashed one)) is Jimmy"
[15:47]  River: (( first is with cream and sugar, second is black ))
[15:47] Lady Nahan: (( thank you ))

[15:48]  Lady Nahan "Then it is a second.. I believe, boy "
[15:49]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((easy to remember: the first slave brought the sugar and milk; it was put into the bowl. Then the second slave poured the black wine over it. - That way you can remember: Second Slave = black, as the first slave didn't bring sugar & milk. But don't ask, what it is, ONLY with sugar or ONLY milk...))
[15:49]  Lady Nahan "Would it be possible for this girl to get something to drink.. don't want her to pass out from lack of water"
[15:49]  River holds up the goblet of blackwine. "blackwine, Mistress", he says softly "strong, to tickle your senses", he lowers his head and passes the goblet to the beautiful lady
[15:50]  River as soon as he has served the lady, moves back behind his master
[15:51]  Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boy to when he's ready with serving the lady "Bring some water for the lady's slave, mine. And with the lady's permission...." - He looks questioning at lady Nahan - "... one of our famous candy canes too, maybe?"
[15:51]  Lady Nahan smiles .. as she takes the cup .. smelling the aroma .. sighs a little .. "This smells wonderful "
[15:51]  Lady Nahan looks to the girl "aii Sir .. thank you kindly "
[15:51]  River: "Yes, my master"
[15:53]  Franziskus Ninetails looks to Cessy "You don't like the soup, lady Cessy? It's getting cold..."
[15:53]  River gets a plain wooden cup from behind the counter and pours some water, he then takes a candy cane from the pot and brings both back to the girl.
[15:53]  Cessillia Bloch picks up her soup bowl, and begins to eat it, trying her best to eat it delicately, and unaware of a long tail of it having spilt down her front "Candy canesh?" she asks intrigued
[15:53]  Franziskus Ninetails then smiles to lady Nahan at the praise of the black wine "Thank you, lady Nahan...."
[15:54]  Franziskus Ninetails: "We smuggled some plants out of Thentis last year. And fortunatley survived"
[[which by the way is true... Rped that last year with long preparations.. spies etc. - This sidenote just for some evil tongues who say, it wouldn't be "realistic" to have black wine in the tropics!]]
[15:54]  The slave-girl 'beast' reaches up taking the items from the boy "Thank you kajirus, she wispers offering the boy a sweet smile"
[15:55]  Franziskus Ninetails: "My slaves were very successful in breeding a new strain of the plants and they grow well in this climate"
[15:55]  River smiles as he passes over the sweet and water to the girl. "enjoy sister," he says kindly. He gives her a wink then moves back to his master
[15:56]  Lady Nahan *smiles * sipping the blackwine .. savoring the taste .. "Well you were right .. this has a wonderful flavour to it"
[15:56]  Susanna Bloch looks at her sisters growing cold soup."Ish you not going to eat shat Sheshi," she asks.
[15:56]  The slave-girl 'beast' looks to her mistress and wispers "may girl have the candy?" she holds the sweet in her hand it being the first thing other than slave gruel shes had since her caputre and branding
[15:56]  Franziskus Ninetails hears lady Cessy and - in a good mood - asks her "Do you want to taste it too, lady? The first one is on me!"
[15:57]  Lady Nahan *nods* "aii girl .. make the most of it .. "
[15:58]  Susanna Bloch frowns at her brother, who is sleeping in the grass again.
[15:58]  The slave-girl 'beast': "oh thank you, Mistress, thank you", she keeps her excited voice low and bends to kiss the hem of the healers skirt". She drinks the water and quietly savors the candy
[15:59]  Cessillia Bloch smiles, "yesh, that would be delightful, but only if I can givesh you a heart" she says in what she hopes is an enticing manner
[15:59]  Franziskus Ninetails to come back to the trade "Soooo... 200 grapes you said? That would be excellent!"
[15:59]  Susanna Bloch: "Did my brosher introdush ush, dear lady?" she asks.
[15:59]  Lady Nahan *smiles* " you have not had much in the way of treats since you became a slave girl .. so enjoy"
[16:00]  River looks at the girl and feels a little sad for her, his is lucky to have a master that gives him treats all the time.
[16:00]  Lady Nahan "Yes, I have 200 ka-la-na grapes..."
[16:01]  Franziskus Ninetails thinks "Hmmm.... " and was just about to offer a way too low price as the other woman tells something of 'hearts'... Confused and distracted he truns to Cessilia asking "Hearts?"
[16:02]  Lady Nahan looks to the woman .. "is your brother back, Lady"
[16:02]  Susanna Bloch eyes widen at the amount of kalana trauben on offer, she tries to count that many on her fingers, then gives up
[16:03]  Susanna Bloch: "Shimmy? No, he ish shleeping in she grash poor dear. Do you have a companion, dear lady?", she suddenly asks, seeing an oppotunity to find her brother a mate
[16:03]  Lady Nahan looks across to the man.. "So, Sir... what would you offer for the grapes?" knowing that he will start low.
[16:04]  Lady Nahan " aii, I do! A very good man"
[16:04]  Cessillia Bloch smiles rumaging in her bag, and takes out the last of the hearts she cooked and hands one to the handsome man, and the other to the lady "Ish a good cook", she says proudly puffing out her chest
[16:04]  Susanna Bloch shakes her head. "Shat ish too bad. Shimmy could do wish a good lady like you."
[16:06]  Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head, as Cessy doesn't answer his question and turns his attention back to the woman that came from so far away "Sooo... hmmmmm.... 200 grapes... " - He rolls his eyes to the sky, starting with half the price he would be willing to pay "I'd offer you 10 KT for all together!", and smiles as if it was the most generous offer in the world
[16:06]  Lady Nahan *laughs*... "well, I am not available, only for trading I'm afraid"
[16:08]  Franziskus Ninetails looks a bit puzzled as Cessillia puts the pretzel-heart into his hands. He turns it around "Oh! That looks... interesting!", then takes a careful bite, then beams "And it tastes delicious too!"
[16:08]  Lady Nahan eyes widen at such a low price offered for the amount stiffles a gasp .. "Nay, Sir, I was thinking more in the line of say 40 KT", know the price she set was high, but maybe he will get to the right price in the end
[16:08]  Susanna Bloch moves a little closer to the lady, oblivious of the trade that is going on and interested only in find her brother a mate. "Ish shere any osher women shat might like a strapping young lad ash a mate. He dont look mush but he ish very strong."
[16:09]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((wow! A NLS-product? Never heard of this one!?))
[16:10]  Cessillia Bloch: ((*grins* yes, it adds NLS health points))

[16:10]  Franziskus Ninetails coughs and almost spits the piece of.. pretzel or whatever it is over the table.. As he finally caught breath again and took another sip of his wine "Oh... forgive me! I just understood 40!"
[16:11]  Cessillia Bloch: ((nutri points, sorry, wrong game))
[16:11]  River stretches his back a little then sits back silently like a good slave should and waits to be commanded again.
[16:12]  Lady Nahan stiffles a laugh at the mans reaction to her price "Aye, Sir...", she says with her trader face set, not a smile nor a blink
[16:12]  River hides a smile by looking at the ground, having seen this game played many times before
[16:14]  Susanna Bloch starts to scratch her arse then stops herself remembering where she is and that she is meant to be a lady.
[16:15]  Cessillia Bloch looks with concern and confusion between the two, then nods, knowing her father goes through the same process everytime he sells the wool, though of course he gets confused when the prices go over 15 of anything
[16:15]  Franziskus Ninetails just about to take another bite from the heart hestitates in mid-air... his jaw dropped down, giving a bit of silly expression... then shuts his mouth, his teeth clapping loudly together. He takes a deep breath "Oh my, oh my.. lady Nahan... I'm afraid I can't afford such expensive grapes, no matter how good they might be! But I have 12 children to feed... not to mention my wife buying one dress after the other... " - He sighs artificially before he continues....
[16:16]  Franziskus Ninetails: "But I know, you came a long way... so... I offer you 12 KT for the 200 grapes... but there won't be any profit for me. It's just for you!", he looks deep into her eyes
[16:17]  Susanna Bloch leans across the table to her sister, "Shat is too bad, " she whispers, "He ish already companioned and 12 shilderensh! We should have come here firsht."
[16:18]  Cessillia Bloch moans softly in disappointment at the mention of a wife, and kicks the table in disappointment, then looking up and blushing "Shorry, shlipped", she says
[16:18]  River covers a laugh with a cough as the mistress discusses his master's virility
[16:19]  Cessillia Bloch thinks for a moment, then whispers to her sister "I wondersh how old she sonsh are?"
[16:19]  Lady Nahan looks at him and his puppy dog eyes .. does not budge an inch .. shakes her head slowly " hmmm that is a little low .. but im willing to drop my price a little .. say to 35.. its a lot of grapes .. and my family will starve if I sell for anything less"
[16:19]  Susanna Bloch: "You should shee a healer for shat cough, boy," Suzy says seriously. "Shitting on a cold floor doesh not help, you know?"
[16:21]  Cessillia Bloch nods at her sisters advise "Always shit shomewhere shoft", she agrees
[16:21]  River: "I am good, Mistresses, thank you for your concern for this one."
[16:25]  Lady Nahan takes the heart and eats it quickly .. she did not think she was so hungry . drinks a little more of the blackwine .. to wash down the heart
[16:26]  Susanna Bloch: (( jimmy txt me, his connection has gone completely, he sends his appologies to you all.))
[16:26]  The slave-girl 'beast' pulls out a vuloo rooster feather fan and softly fans her mistress from behind cooling her neck and cheeks as she eats and trades.
[16:27]  Lady Nahan ((( awww that sucks when that happens... but we all have been there ))
[16:28]  Lady Nahan feels the soft breeze from behind .. glances over her shoulder .. *smiles* whispers "thank you, beast"
[16:28]  Franziskus Ninetails scratches his chin and considers mumbling "Hmmmmmmmmm...... maybe if I sell two or three of my 7 daughters as slaves... hmmm... and the 8 sons..." - He continues rubbing his jawline and finally nods "... then I could offer you 14 KT and a bag with 12 black wine powders!"
[16:28]  Franziskus Ninetails adds to himself "... maybe better sell all 7 of them, keep the sons..."
[16:29]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((too bad 'bout Jimmy. Maybe tomorrow then?))
[16:29]  Susanna Bloch: (( nods, providing his connection is back by then))

[16:30]  River: "My master, forgive me, might I kennel?"
[16:30]  The slave-girl 'beast': ((my cable internet provider would be roasting on a pit if they let my connection go out like that for so long))
[16:31]  Lady Nahan is interested in his offer .. but tries for the price she really needs .. " hmmm .. well if you sell about 5 of your daughters .. you maybe able to pay say 20 KT and the bag of blackwine powders", sounding heartless but her need is great
[16:31]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles as beast pulls out the fan from their luggage and fans fresh air. He turns to his boy "Ah, you should get yours here in future for guests too, my lil sunshine!"
[16:31]  River: "I will, my master"
[16:31]  Franziskus Ninetails then nods to his slave "Aye, but first ask if anyone needs anything. Then you can go to the kennels, mine!"
[16:32]  Cessillia Bloch: ((*nods* if you dont mind then I will settle back on the cushion and 'nap' we will IM you tomorrow to make arrangements - Nahan and beast - delightful to meet you both, hope to do so again))
[16:32]  River: "Thank you, my master"
[16:32]  Lady Nahan ((nice to meet you too ))
[16:32]  The slave-girl 'beast': ((pleased to meet you miss have a good night))

[16:32]  River: "Might I fetch you anything, Mistresses?"
[16:33]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((okay.. Cessy. Hopefully more luck tomorrow. I'm interested in those hearts!))
[16:33]  Susanna Bloch: "Not for me, dear"
[16:33]  Lady Nahan "A little water if its cold would be good, boy"
[16:33]  River: "Yes, mistress, it is cold."
[16:34]  Cessillia Bloch: ((*grins* yes, I will try to have some more for you))
[16:34]  Lady Nahan smiles .."wonderful .. feeling a little parched after the heart cookie "
[16:34]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles to his slave "There should be some ice left, mine"
[16:34]  River hurries behind the counter and pours some water that he keeps for special customers, in the cold box.
[16:35]  Cessillia Bloch yawns sleeply and whispers to the boy "mead" as her eyes grow heavy and close ((good night all)
[16:35]  Franziskus Ninetails turns to lady Nahan "Fortunately it's winter on the other side of the hills. We have a warm stream from Thassa on this side, providing us with the warm weather. In the summer we have to get ice from the far north!"
[16:36]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((night, Cessy. nice to meet you))
[16:36]  Lady Nahan nods in understanding ..
[16:36]  Cessillia Bloch has left chat range.
[16:37]  River holds the cup up for the mistress to accept
[16:37]  The slave-girl 'beast' remembers the giant ice bearin ships sailing up the vosk river and the rough manners of the north jarls. sighing happily it wasnt one of them to make her slave
[16:37]  River: "If I might, my master, I will nap in the office"
[16:38]  Lady Nahan takes the cup from the boy.. "thank you, boy". She looks to the man "He is such a good boy this one, Sir"
[16:38]  River smiles brightly
[16:38]  Susanna Bloch: "He ish a pretty one for shure."
[16:39]  Franziskus Ninetails rubs his nose and mumbles "Hmmmmm... 20 KT and a bag of black wine... worth at least 6 KT... hmmmm... Wouldn't there anything else you'd need? I thought my boy mentioned you were looking for other goods too?"
[16:40]  Franziskus Ninetails nods to his slave but commands him closer to kiss his feet before he goes to kennel
[16:41]  River kneels and reverently kisses Franziskus's foot.
[16:41]  River moves to his master's feet and bends his head, kissing them lovingly
[16:41]  Rivers new golden hair xcite: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
[16:41]  River: "I love you, my master"
[16:41]  Susanna Bloch: "Shleep well, boy"
[16:41]  River: "ty, mistress"
[16:41]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles and ruffles his slave's hair "Good night, my lil sunshine"
[16:41]  River: "good night, my master"
[16:42]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((and no abreviations....))
[16:42]  River: "Good night, mistresses"
[16:42]  River: "Good night, girl"
[16:42]  The slave-girl 'beast': "Good night, brother, I'll never forget the candy. Safe paths and may your slave fire burn ever bright", she wispers
[16:43]  Lady Nahan "Good night, boy.. sleep well"
[16:43]  River: "Yours too, sister"
[16:43]  River smiles to his master once more then hurrys into the office , to finish some papers then to nap a little
[16:44]  The slave-girl 'beast' folds the fan seeing her mistess is cool from the air and water. She slips it back upon the hook on her belt.
[16:44]  Susanna Bloch: "Shush a nishe boy. Would you conshider to shell him?"
[16:45]  Franziskus Ninetails laughs shortly "For no fortune in whole Gor"
[16:45]  Lady Nahan "He would bring a great price indeed"
[16:46] The slave-girl 'beast' grins hearing him speak and begins to daydream one day a she would be so valuable
[16:46]  Susanna Bloch: "Shame, we could do wish a boy to pull our cart"
[16:47]  Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head and smiles apologizing to Susanna "It took me too long to teach him our language and to read and write... I never will sell him"
[16:47] Franziskus Ninetails: "So, Lady Nahan... is it true, that you are searching for other goods too?"
[16:48] Susanna Bloch: "I quite undershtand, shir" She smiles behind her veil.
[16:48]  Lady Nahan "aii Sir "
[16:48]  Franziskus Ninetails: "What are you looking for then, lady Nahan?"
[16:50]  Lady Nahan "But it's getting late... and we need to get back before it get's too dark... maybe I could continue the trade in the morning, Sir, when I have more time... "
[16:51]  Franziskus Ninetails looks a bit disappointed ((I was just about to get you a final deal with horn, wool and leather, as you were looking for that too, if I remember it right))
[16:52]  Lady Nahan ((yes... thats right.. but getting really tired, sorry))
[16:52]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmm, I was about to offer you some tabuk horn... You did such a long travel... I don't want you to return with empty hands. But I understand, that you are tired after such a long travel. I can offer you a place at our fireplace for the night, if you wish!
[16:52] Franziskus Ninetails: ((oh.. then you need to sleep of course!))
[16:53] Franziskus Ninetails points over the river "My house is just over there!"
[16:53]  Lady Nahan smiles politely... "nay, Sir, we shall travel back... my Mate likes to know that I am home "
[16:54]  Franziskus Ninetails frowns as he just realizes, if the woman would accept his offer, she would notice, that he neither has a wife, not any daughters, and only one son
[16:55]  Lady Nahan "And I have no wish for his anger to be focus on your village for me staying away for the night"
[16:55]  Franziskus Ninetails nods "Of course! I understand that. So, I hope we will meet soon again to continue"
[16:55]  Franziskus Ninetails nods again "That's understandable."
[16:55]  Lady Nahan "aii, Sir... I shall contact you... as soon as I wake... thank you for your hospitallity"
[16:56]  Lady Nahan "Come, beast! We go home now"
[16:56]  Susanna Bloch: "It wash nishe to meet you, dear lady. Maybe my family can trade wish you shome time"
[16:56]  Franziskus Ninetails takes one of the candy bags from the counter and reaches it to the lady "Take this as a treat for your girl and as a sign of my good will"
[16:57]  The slave-girl 'beast': "Safe paths, Master, and beast deeply thanks you", she bows her head low
[16:57]  Lady Nahan drinks the last of her water... places the goblet down on the table. "Very nice to meet you too, Lady. Thank you, Sir"
[16:58]  Lady Nahan walks quickly to the boat.. turns "I will be in contact when i wake"
[16:58]  Lady Nahan: "Come, girl!"
[16:58]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Safe paths and may Thassa be kind to you and take you home on her back as quick as possible"
[16:59]  Susanna Bloch: "Safe paths, dear lady"
[16:59]  Lady Nahan "May the sky be always blue  and that storms pass by quickly"
[16:59]  Susanna Bloch wonders what was in the soup as she slurs her words suddenly.
[16:59]  Lady Nahan "Be well, Sir... Be well, lady"
[17:00]  Lady Nahan has left chat range.
[17:00]  Franziskus Ninetails waves as they jump in the ship "Be well and safe paths"
[17:00]  The slave-girl 'beast' has left chat range.
[17:01]  Susanna Bloch: "I shink I will retire, Shir, and leave you to the loving handsh of your shlaveboy"
[17:02]  Susanna Bloch: "I will shleep on your shoft cushionsh, if I may"
[17:03]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Of course, lady Susanna... I am sure you need a rest after all what you been gone through"
[17:03]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Sleep well"
[17:03]  Susanna Bloch: "Yesh, it wash very traumatic on shat boaty shingy of Shimmy's"
[17:03]  Susanna Bloch has left chat range.
[17:03]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Whew! what a busy day!"

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