Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quiet weekend

Not much to tell about the last days due to RL-work. The few hours I was inworld I was busy sorting inventory (again). It's messing up soooooo fast! *sigh*

So, here's just some pics from the Tabor OOC dance on sunday, where we almost always are:

I got a new outfit from HUNG - a shop with really hot stuff! Just after the dance I realized, that the jockstrap was transparent and you could see everything through it. Oh well.. who cares?
My slaves wearing the T-backs from Jomo. *purrrrrs* Another nice shop with hot stuff. They attached invisible prims with OpenCollar-scripts to it, so I could leash them there with ropes. *purrrrs more*

I more and more like the OpenCollar and wonder, why I ever spent money on all the tokon-stuff from xCite!, which is always slow, if it works at all, and really highly scripted. Well, I still love my xCite!-stuff, of course, and tokon isn't too bad (in privacy, low lag regions), but there are so many nice collars and good other stuff from OpenCollar for free... Love it!


Misha said...

got rid of tokon and xcite long time ago. there was fun things on the tokon but the lag and its issues was not worth it

River, Master's lil Sunshine said...

Wow, what a nice picture of Endy.