Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for an update

The new year is 18 days old and still just one entry. Oh my! But there's not so much to tell...

In Gorean RP (or the lack of it) the one or other thing annoying me... so we don't RP much and most of the time stick to ourselves, trying to enhance the RP at the Trading Post where we live in Tabor Tropics. Slowly we are building up some marketstalls for the Nutri Life System (NLS). I still think it would be a good system (though with a lot of deficits).. if people would just be interested to really use it as a Roleplay-chance instead of camping their AVs all day long on spawners and filling up crates after crates with goods nobody wants, because everyone else is doing exactly the same.
We are at least trying to encourage RP by building our own little items... handmade-baskets with fruits, little bags with black wine (coffee) and cacao powder, or this little bag for candies and a candy cane attached to the leg, which I just created this week:

Also planning to sell a new brand of black wine which we call "Kopi Urta", similar to the "Kopi Luwak". - Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, because it first has to pass the digestive tract of a little rodent ("luwak") that looks like this:

We call it tree-urt in Gor (urt = rat) and Endy saved one a while ago from the cold winter in Tabor. He set it into our patch of black wine and cacao bushes and fed it with berries. But one day, when we came back from travels, we had to notice, that it called it's whole family of tree-urts and they ate all the bushes and beans and left us only a lot of heaps of urt-poo....

... but in the poo, River found the almost undigested beans. He washed them and placed them on roasts to dry. So we will see, what comes out of that...

Hmmmm... what else? Tried a rescue-mission this week, but didn't get any hints IC (in character)... so as we are strict in that and not accept OOC-info by IMs and group-chat, we couldn't do much.

Went to some SIMs, as we wanted to RP trade, but most people are sitting in their houses (if present at all) and don't bother to look for the visitors. Okay... I have to admit, that we also not jump everytime, when someone enters the SIM. Sometimes too busy to cuddle or OOC to talk. But people passing by, not even bothering to say "hi!", either IC or OOC... that makes me always wonder. Even if they are busy with something else or OOC, it is a question of manners to say at least a greeting. That's a question of manners... but Gor seems to lack a lot of these.

There were some visitors last week, which were quite fun. I wished they would have stayed longer. They RPed in Tabor East... also came over to us two times... took over the bakery as our baker in Tabor was missing (now back... or not? Nobody knows)... and promptly were first accused of being griefers, because they just BEEN THERE, and then someone else called out in group chat, to stay away from Tabor East, because "those outlaws" are there. Interestingly it was exactly those people, who sit in their houses all day long, don't RP with anybody and have nothing better to do than to cam all over the cluster and spy other people's bedrooms. "We have visitors! Stay away! Lock your doors!" - Why please are people with such a mentality on Gorean RP-SIMs at all? - However, I found those visitors' blog and they are really funny, I think. A big loss, that they were not welcomed...

Oh, and the Dark Lord seems to be back! Yay! Most of the times fun to RP... I think, he was sneaking around our house, but this time unfortunately it was us (mea culpa!) who were OOC at that moment, because of some incident right before that, which made me a bit... uhm... upset.

So far about Gor. Apart from that... hm... got some nice Freebies at the kobalt-store. I love the sexy underwear there. There are some polo-shirts and some speedos:
Not sure, if they are still there. Just search for "kobalt" and take a look yourself. Mmmmmm, those bulges... love them!

Missed the Tabor Sunday Dance this week... :-( ... Due to some RL-events... well, some changes in the RL-job are coming, so I won't be able to spend so much time in SL anymore anyways, but at least I prolly will now have the one or other weekend off (or at least a saturday).

And I miss building! I still have sooooo many projects to finish. Maybe I should try to get at least the smaller ones ready and offer them at Marketplace? - My boys started their own offers at Marketplace and they are doing well with their builds.

For instance this lovely bird-bath from River:


.. or the as well lovely lanterne from Endy.

Well, that's it for today. I still will try to write more often. Promise! (that I try, not that I really do)

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