Monday, May 18, 2009

The 72 hours

These days I'm build very close to water. I don't know, if you say that in English!? In German someone has "build close to water", when he or she cries a lot. But these are happy tears and I don't wanna miss a single one of it!

But the last days really were exhausting. I started to panic at wednesday, when I recognized, that the Isle of Silver Tree can only handle 20 visitors. I asked Bac Compton aka "The Dark Lord" and Sabine Bollisima, his companion, if we could use their SIM "The Dark Path" for the wedding and they kindly agreed. So far, so good...

Thursday I had a day with Brian and tried to not think about the upcoming wedding. And friday the mess started... I couldn't reach Bac or Sab. The SIM was down, emptied and only accessable for group-members of the Dark Path; which would have been bad, as I should have had my wedding without my groomie and without 90% of the guests then... I had neither heard from the reverend JC, nor from our DJ Daffy. We bought a sky-platform for the wedding which only arrived to one third from XStreet; no success with contacting the seller. And I really, really, really started to get devastated and was about to cancel the whole thing.

But then, friday night, just returned from work... There they were! Sab, JC, Daffy and Nevie! And things started to work out pretty fine. Nevie offered to build the dance-pavillon and it became wonderful. I cared for the wedding-pavillon, the stairway up to it and the gardening around it.

Saturday I had to work RL almost the whole day. Came home exhausted, but couldn't sleep. So I joined Nevie with the building for some hours before finally joining my love Kenshi in bed.

And then there it was: Sunday! Sending out invitations with the new location. Working here, working there. So busy. So nervous. So exited. So fainting all the time....

But... at the end it was purrrrrrrrrrrfect!

A special thank you to Jordyn Carnell, Dafydd Sodwin, Bac Compton, Sabine Bolissima, Neville Braveheart, Master Deakins, Rio Paulino, Azah Kumaki and Andrej Petlyakov for your help and support! *kissssssssssss*

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