Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally: The Wedding

I was about to post a lot of pictures which my friends and family shot for me, cause I was too busy and laggy and exited and nervous to take pictures by myself. But then - half an hour ago - I found a present from my brother Spanki. And I started to cry out of happiness again. This is such a wonderful gift. Thank you, my brother!!! So, here it is: Our wedding!

[I recommend to chose HQ and full screen]

The ceremony started with the traditional Gorean vows of Free Companions. Then the initiate Jordyn Carnell held a short speech, followed by our personal vows. You can read the whole ceremony on JC's Blog. Thank you, initiated cowboy for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we went down to the dance-pavillon, that Nevie built for us, to do our first dance together. It was so romantic and wonderful.

I tried to make a guest-list, but at some point I had to switch off my radar, as I was too laggy and nervous:

. Jordyn Carnell (reverend)
. Dafydd Sodwin (DJ)
. Mickael Pevensey
. Brian Warcliffe
. Bac Compton
. Sabine Bolissima
. Ades Kanto
. Neville Braveheart
. Cindy Rang
. Wulfric Draconia
. Kyne Tigerpaw
. JoJo Mandel
. Spanki Moulliez
. Heloq Tomsen
. Eileanor Braveheart
. Rio Paulino
. Ralf Argus
. Spinaker Avro
. Master Deakins
. Mike Maximov
. Rammy Urriah
. Tigger Tomorrow
. DeliciousDemon Chemistry
. Mathieu Ansar
. Vernidi Avro
. Justyn Maurer
. Conner Revnik

... and maybe some more which I couldn't recognize.

I was so happy to celebrate this day together with my now husband, my brothers, my family and my friends. Thank you all! You made this a very special day for us.

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