Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, apart from the annoying stuff in Gor - what else is new?

Kenshi is back for over a week now and we spent most of the time together; going to bed together, waking up together, spending the day together. It's wonderful, but doesn't leave me much time for things I would have to do.

My inventory is growing and growing.... over 18.000 items now. Scares me!

The construction work and gardening at our earth-home stands still.

And now we rented a house at ST also, which has to be furnished pretty soon.

And I'm taking my duty as Magistrate of Silver Tree serious, even started a blog for it, which takes some time also.

Our official wedding will be at the 17th of May. And I don't have time for preparations. *sigh*

Missing my lil brother Mick and some of my other brothers, which aren't online much because of RL-stuff.

But most of all I spend much time with my beloved, which makes me happy. Not taking too many pictures though... and if, then they are not proper for puplic, even if this is an adult-blog. *heh* That's why I just chosen the tiger-hug picture.

Well, I guess that's most of it summarized...

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