Monday, May 11, 2009


Last wednesday I visited with my lil devlish bro a place, where I spent the first weeks of my SLife: GuySpanking.

Here to the left you see a very, very old picture of me spanking my bro Rammy those days way, way back. Seems like many years to me, but actually it's just 14 months ago. Well, one year in SL is like half of a lifetime in RL...

Somehow I miss those old days. Sure, had not much to wear, no AO, bad skin and bad hair, no idea of building and editing stuff, no idea of emoting... But it was relaxed. No surrows, no rent to pay, no messy inventory, nothing to furnish... Just playing and enjoying.

The place changed also a lot. It was a nice house in the hills before, now it is a sky-platform. There's only a classroom and a gymroom left. But we had a lot of fun giving him a detention. My other lil bro, Kyne, and two strangers joined us and it became even more fun.

However, we will return soon again and play a bit more. I hope my bro Rammy will be able to join us...

(Too bad, that I forgot to change my graphics... The pictures would have been soooo.. uhm... nice. Well, they are nice, but could have been even nicer. *purrrrrr*)

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