Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is it possible?

One of the things Non-Goreans complain about Gor is, that it is so Gorean. Many of my friends and family would be interested in the RP, but are scared from all the rules and stuff. And many of my friends and family are neko or centaurs or fairies (*heh*) or whatever.

These days we are thinking about another world. A kind of Gor-Narnia-Middle-Earth-hybrid world. With Gorean Weapons and Gor-Meter and RP, but not strictly according to the books of John Norman. Giving other creatures like nekos, fairies, centaurs, werewolves, furries etc. the possibility to play too.

At the first moment it sounds ridiculuous, but the longer we think about it, the more it becomes practicable. I mean... there are no gay cities in the books and yet they exist in SL-Gor. And you don't raise from the dead in the books and yet you do in SL-Gor. So, WHY NOT a different world with more fantasy creatures?

It wouldn't be so difficult to build a SIM for it. It would be a bigger problem to make some rules for fighting ("Are elfs and wizzards allowed to use magical powers?" and stuff like that), but not impossible. The biggest problem would be to find opponents to fight against and have RP with them as I'm pretty sure, that the "real" Goreans (pffffft) refuse to fight against a bunch of mythical creatures.

Although... the thought of 30 nekos and centaurs raiding their Gorean cities, scratching and biting and then purring and licking their warriors... that's tempting! SL is made for fulfilling fantasies. You can do almost everything you want to do. So is it possible? Hm, why shouldn't it?


Misha said...

huggles Franzi, one think i like about gor that there in no Magic and it is very natural oriented. being one with nature, but that is hard to tell with the large cities. so forget the Magic. :-)

congrats on the boy in the next blog. i do miss having brothers very much, but i dont feel that i am ment to have any.

Justyn Maurer said...

This new world sounds purrfect to me bro, where humans and other creatures co-exist. I luv the gorean world but am put off by the rules and the fact that we nekos are now welcomed there. Being neko is so integrated in mah system now that its unthinkable to ever become human again.

/me bats your butt playfully then scampers off, giggling =^.^=

Jordyn Carnell said...

actually have a friend i haven't talked to in a long time that was hoping to build something like that.. a kind of roleplayers free fire zone.
I should give her a call and see if she got it going and how it worked.