Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Been a while...

... so it's time for an update!

Friday Q and me were at Dom&Randy's anniversary party. So there was no event at the club that day. Some life-performers were playing. Second one was really good but playing and singing a lots of country-ballads, which isn't exactly the right stuff for tigers. But slowdanced with my beloved owner and enjoyed it for two hours or so. *purrrrrrr*


Saturday was the usual country-night. As working RL I hadn't much time. Was really busy decorating and building a line-dance-menu for 15 people. Was pretty cool and everybody was fond of the decoration. Too bad there weren't as much people as last time. Maybe we should try another time for the event?

Sunday was the usual neko&furry-night with smexy DJ Kaj. I spent hours and hours decorating; couldn't help it. And damn, it looked good!

But I got some bad news yesterday about lovely Kaj: As I wanted to take a look at Phucket where he plays on mondays (see below), I had to recogniz that I was banned from that parcel. I wondered for a moment, til I saw, that one of the co-owners is that weird club-owner from a few weeks ago (to remind you: I only asked smexy Justyn in open chat, if I'll meet him a few days later at Dom's to neko-night; and before I could say "meow" I was insulted and ejected...).

However Kaj asked his little brother to un-ban me, what he did. So I visited the place and it's really nice there. Spent an hour there on monday when Kaj DJed:

And yesterday he told me, that he was fired from that other club, only cause he supported me. I couldn't believe my fluffy ears! Oh my! Tiger's a little crazy sometimes too, but that ER badly needs some medication, I guess...

I just feel bad for lovely Kaj, cause he is as innocent as me. I was ready to forget everything with that guy if he just would have said "Sorry, it was a misunderstanding and I was in a bad mood!" or something like that. Everybody has a bad day from time to time and does weird things then, which he regrets later, but that weirdo seems to be continually crazy. That's bad, cause I *am* a really nice tiger most of the time and I don't like trouble and fights at all; only love, peace and harmony (and lots of sex)...

However, I bought a nice "native neko" - outfit on monday. Quite sexy! Love it!

Well, and monday evening was:

I think, I looked really pretty in pink, even colored my tail pink. But didn't win the contest this time. :(( Well, what chance do you have against the Pink Panther anyways? *lol*

Well, that's it so far. Last night cable broke down in our village and I couldn't come inworld. God, felt so forlorn; like a lost day, which is a little strange cause I would have had more time for RL then... So I had the choice between ironing my clothes for six hours (yesh! lots of clothes, cause I didn't do much ironing since my rez-day. *giggle*) or watch porn till it's time to sleep... Okay, to watch porn for six hours may not be so healthy, so I decided to iron ... 5,5 hours.

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