Friday, August 8, 2008

weekend update

Oh, too busy the last days! But I expected it. Had to organize a lot of stuff, building my own groups, lot of IMs... Thought a lot about the question for whom I'm doing all this. About friendships. About abuse. Had a lot of up and downs which prolly is also caused by a lack of sleep and the damn cold, which won't get better.

One of the highlights was definitely "spank me" night at Dom's on thursday. Not many guests at all, but I hadn't so much fun for weeks! Jojo and me played naughty schoolboys, always teasing each other. And Lenny was a purrfect headmaster. I made a nice classroom-decoration and added some spanking-poseballs and cornertimes. - Oh my! My butt is still sore!!! Just wished there were more guests to enjoy the same fun we had.

Another highlight were two times surprising sex with Quag, my owner. Oh man... was so good! Just recognized, how much i missed sex in the last weeks! *Yummie*

Yesterday (saturday) I suddenly had a little attack of depression. Don't know the exact reason. Just was missing a welcome hug from Q and I recognized that 2 items I bought at SLXchange never arrived inworld, and suddenly I felt so down, that I fled the home and went to my second home, not really knowing what to do. But Rammy, my lovely bro, immediately came and hugged me and we sat down to talk for a minute. And talking to him I recognized, that I'm making a mistake in not talking to Q. Somehow I awaited him to command me back and to command me to talk to him and to tell him, what's wrong. That's what he is my master for; giving him the power to make me do the things I want to do - deep inside. There's a psychological explanation with ego, super-ego and id, but that would go too far now.
However, Q is new to all that and still is learning. So it had to be me to go back to him and start to talk. And a good talk it was. We cleared some things that bothered me the last days. And it was good to talk about it. And I hope there will be a lot more in the next days. He's just sooooo sweet and nice to his stupid tiger!
And then it was time for leather & country night at Dom's. I didn't expect much, but *whoa!!!!!* A big success it was. Haven't seen so many guests there for a long time. And we had so much fun doing line-dance to country music. And the best thing: JC, my favorite cowboy ever, spent some time with us too. Annnnnnnnd....... he was in silks!!! Isn't that ironic? Country night and the best-known cowboy is wearing silks! But damn, was he sexy! I so had to fight the urge to rip the fabrics off his body.

So, weekend wasn't so bad after all. And now RL calls again. Tonite is neko/furry party again and I'm looking forward to meet Kaj again. And another party is planned before but I can't talk about it atm. So it will be a busy dancing night again, but hopefully fun!


Quagmire said...

Hmmm! Do you need another one of theses? Have you been a naughty tiger? Just wait until I come online! Thanks for the post beloved. Q

Jordyn Carnell said...

what else would I wear to a cowboy party?

My fairy wings?

/me grins