Wednesday, August 27, 2008

pics and comments

Oki, been a while since I wrote an entry. Things keeping me pretty busy. So much to do, so little time. SL has become a place full of hatred and abuse of "power" to me these days. That's strange and takes a lot of fun from being here. I should be old enuff to know, that you can't be loved by everbody. Some people will just hate you, no matter how nice you are (and I think I *am* a nice guy and worth to be known and called a friend), but it still hurts every single time. However, I don't wanna talk about it atm, so here are just a few pics with comments:

With my beloved owner Q
Started as a owner-pet-relationship,
but became so much more to me
and becoming more every day
If only some wounds from before would heal
on both sides

Country night last saturday
I was so proud of my decoration
but somehow day ended not too good for me

my smexy brother Tree

Neko and furry night
my decoration was awesome
and I had a lot of fun with the other kittehs

JC visiting us the other day

why can't all the people in SL be like him?
He's sexy, cute, nice and a real good friend
Everybody likes him
I can't imagine, that he ever hates somebody
or that he gets angry
well, maybe about me a little
when he sees, that I published these pics of him as fairy
(but he was soooooo cute, couldn't resist!)

Spending 2 hours on the new "Lovescene II" of bits and bobs
OMG - It's fantastic!
(Oki, blog is turning pornographic now?
But it's set to "adult", so what?!?)

Jungle Night on monday
had not much time to decorate
did it all in 5 minutes
but looked not too bad...

Dancing on the beach with neighbor Rod and his boys
and my brother Tree

"Tie Dye" - I had no idea what that is
Now I know
oh my... something must have been wrong with that shisha...

And this is just me
I like that outfit
and the pics


Jordyn Carnell said...

~ First looks sternly at Tiger.. then breaks into a grin~

I *almost* never get angry.. frustrated, sure.. but rarely angry..

Oh.. btw.. can I steal one of your pics for one of my blogs?

Franziskus said...

Oh, spank me! spank me! *hehe*

Sure you can take pics for your blog. Anytime. Anyone.