Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SL down

SL is down atm, so some time to write.

Another weird night. Came inworld in very good mood, did some meditation in a Zen-temple, talked to Mikey (but couldn't help much, I guess)... and then somehow things happened very fast and I almost left SL forever (again). But we made things up and everthing went oki. Especially after sweet Cowboy interfered... So, the day ended good and happily ever after. *hehe*

At Dom's we had theme "Darkside". I first thought of "Dark side" like in Star Wars and tried a Darth Tiga costume. Looked sexy somehow, but after I heard about a pentagram on the dancefloor, I had to overthink the outfit.

Found a nice wizard-costume. Looked cool. And I won the contest.
Oh, and the decoration with some bloody altars looked really nice. I'm proud of it!
There weren't much guests. Yeah, typical tuesday. But we had fun anyways.

Not much else to tell... Let's see, if SL works again!

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