Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wasn't inworld much these days cause of RL. But however a big step happened. But let's talk about arrogance and behaviour of some people in SL...

Do you know those people too? They put some lousy US-dollars into Lindenworld, build a dance-club or a company or something and suddenly feel like millionaires and behave like that too? Gee! What's wrong with those people? Do they have to compensate some inferior complex or something? But why the fuck should I take those big-boss-attitudes in SL? Don't need that. Really.
I once became dancer because it was fun to entertain people. If I get tipped for it, it's okay. If not, it's still fun, when music is good and people interact. But somehow all of this became too serious. Had some trouble with the management of our agency the last weeks. "Don't talk to the employees!" and "You're not allowed to work somewhere else without our permission!" - Oh my! What a bullshit! They can do that in RL, but do we really need such arrogant behaviour in SL?

However, some more things had to happen till my loyalty vanished. Someone tried to convince my owner, that I'm unable to manage a business and that I'm too emotional and not reasonable enuff and that I had to be thankful that they generously allow me despite my disability to manage a project (which btw *I* brought them!). Well, that was too much.

Of course I'm very disappointed of that guy and sad for all the friends I leave behind me. I liked the rascals. But most of them are still my friends, though it was time to leave. I'll do my own thing. Do it better, I hope. Step by step. And in team-work instead of boss-attitudes. And maybe some of the wannabee-bosses start to overthink their "importance"...

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Rickie Z. said...

They really should know better than to piss off a Tiger.