Sunday, August 3, 2008

sunday update

Gee, another few days gone. No time for posting. Not sure, what happened these days. Bad cold caught me and it was hard to concentrate.

Some business fights were going on (no more comments on this page atm). Tiring, upsetting.

And my sweet kitten Douggie was depressed and wanted to leave me, cause he thought, he's only drawing me down. Silly kitten! But he's back, made me very happy, and turning into a furry fennek now. Looking very cute. Have to give him more attention.

Was supposed to go to two weddings yesterday. Was too late for the first one. And missed the second one too cause I mixed up 5.30 PM and AM. How can you marry at 5.30 AM? Geeeeee!!! If I'd took a closer look at the invitation, I could have danced at Domineck's; I mean working-wise, cause I was dancing anyways.

What else? Another spontanous sex the other day with my owner. He was supposed to put me to bed early, what he did, but tiger was sooooo horny and we ended in an exciting quicky. Slept pretty well afterwards. *hehe*

Well, sex... I really have to have more of it. Too busy with other things all the time. Especially now with furnishing and building and decorating and landscaping the new house.

Hm, think that's it as far as I remember. Didn't work friday and saturday. But won some contests, so I'm fine.


Anonymous said...

Franzi, you sweet tiger, glad I found your page! And yes, you need more sex, don't we all? hee hee!

Kisses and licks to your whiskers, sexeh kitteh... and thanks to you for making my first Neko avvie attempt successful!

Love you, meine Deutsche freund!

-mtd1952 Timeless

Franziskus said...

Miky! Cool! Thank you for the comment and happy you found the way to here.

You're soooooooo sweeeeeet! luve yer! HUGGIES!!!!