Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Strange Sunday, stranger Monday

I almost can't remember Sunday. A lot of chats were going on. Good ones. And my little kitten Douggie was drunk, which brought some interesting new aspects to our relationship. Neko-night with Kaj was fun. But all together I wasn't in the best mood. Several disappointments from different sides, and I'm not sure, if it's only me being over-sensitive (not easy being empathic. *hehe*) or if it is really the others, taking tigers loyalty and kindness for granted. I think it's both.

Didn't spend much time inworld monday, but that time was very intense. Still emotional up and down. My friends Stev says, it's the hormons. Maybe. But I think, it's just the lack of sleep.

So, I talked to my bro Tree in the afternoon. About this "taking me for granted" and it was a good talk I thought. But had to go back to RL-work then and came back very late. And although I was in a happy mood and full of energy and proud of my decoration I did for "Jailhouse fuck"-theme at Dom's, everybody else seemed to be depressed and down.

First Tree surprised me with wanting to leave SL. Then Mikey had a depression attack and blustered into an overreaction. I tried to soothe him, but I was working at that moment, so I couldn't really talk much in IMs. Rickie was depressed too. Kaj, who was there for a visit, suddenly vanished without a word, so I guess something's wrong with him too. And Rickie was depressed. And then of course Mikey's hubbie... *sigh* So much depression around me. Is it infectuous? Good, that I was in a good mood, but I was a little swamped in the attempt to care for everyone.

However, today I got a little more time I hope. And I try to rub some ointment in some beautiful souls...

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Rickie Z. said...

Aww, my Tiger friend your caring does not go unnoticed. Not so much depressed only, um, confused and encoder issues! Blah.... Kishes Smexy Neko. We'll, talk, let's do lunch. :-P