Wednesday, September 17, 2008

alternative lifestyle

Oh my! Where are the days when I could enjoy SL without being surrounded by alts? Without being suspicious and paranoid? Was it that bad before and I just didn't realize it? Or do they get more and more?

Adian wrote a good article about it on inVdaily a while ago. Yeah, there may be some reasons to create an alt. Not too many though. For business-stuff it may be okay. Got one myself from early days; he became exactly 2 weeks old. Wasn't glad with the name and had some problems with a RL-stalker, so I created a new one. Sometimes I get him out of his box, brush the dust of him and use him to help me adjust couple-poseballs when noone else is around to help me with that (and it always scares me to do that with the mind-absent zombie-version of me).

However... as soon as I see a noob who is 2 or 3 weeks old, but already got purrfect skin, purrfect clothes, purrfect AO and purrfect control about his movements, I know: Alt! Took myself months of slow development to become what I am. And no, I'm NOT that slow in learning (but STILL learning every day). Others are older then me and still don't know how to work with the features given to them.

It's sad and annoying. Instead of being happy to get to know someone new you consider for hours who's alt it may be.
Some create even alts to have company. How schizo is this?
Some create alts to molest and griefe others. Cowards! If you want to and have fun in it (never understand that kind of "fun"), do it as yourself.
Some create alts to get in contact again with someone after they screwed up the relationship (whatever kind of...) before. Leave it! You'll just make it worse.

Well, Adian mentioned the possibility of different roleplays with different alts. Not sure about that. Franzi here got some different "roles" he grew into - from his human appearance as fratboy to his discovery of his shikigami-roots to his demon-appearance. But it's always Franzi. The fun and exciting part of it is, to get a story behind it, which explains it all.

So, please do me a favour: Be yourself! Be unique! There's no fun in creating alts, neither for others, nor for you.

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Quagmire said...

Hun, you know my opinion already about alts, and I don't like them either, except maybe when one has one for sl work situations. It seems though, alts are among us and we can not do anything about it. Except maybe have an alt event, lol. More guest will come, hehe.
Just some fyi for your readers. By googling Second Life Multiples, I think Wiki tells you how you can put multiples alts on your computer at one time, that is if your computer is strong enough to handle it. Mine isn't, I lag so bad as Quag, I can barely walk and am always running into things.
The best way I have tried to tell between an original and a newbie alt, besides reading their profiles, is to ask a few questions about this person. What do they want from you, #1? Do they just want to hang out and spend a little bit of time with you or attend events. Do they seem harmless? These people even if they are 2 days old I always give a chance. Then there are the dirty alts, these you have a bad feeling in your gut about, from the beginning. They usually want something from you and they usually have obnoxious behavior, their "sl game" is to cause havoc and drama. So I trust my gut in these situation, I know it is going happen, are they trying to be nice to me, then I give them the benifit of the doubt and a chance, but if they are messing with me I know it, too. Like the one that hovers 68 meters from me since I was like 1 month old, I know who you are, get an "sl life". Oh then there are the alts who have several "sl lives", where do you get time for this, I barely have time for Quag as he lives and breaths?