Wednesday, September 24, 2008

happy together

Time for another update....

After my last rentry "Powers of Darkness" caused some trouble of misunderstandings, Q and me finally made up. And since then tiger is happy, happy, happy! Feels soooooo good in a loving and caring relationship.

Maybe one of the reasons we're more relaxed is: We reduced events. Dear uncle Rickie cares for friday's events now and for sunday afternoon. Monday events are cancelled. And wednesday is kinda "free" (today managed by my brother Jeremie). So, it's not so much stress for my beloved hubbie and me, more time for ourselves. Cool!

Oh, and more time for building! I restarted building on the jungle, made a complete new underground and I'm a little proud of it. It will become very good, I think. Can't wait till it gets ready!

And I'll definitely will quit the frathouse. Have to pack all my stuff there. Makes me a little sad when I think of all the time I spent building it, but I don't have time for it anyways. And after the SIM-owner changed the ground-structure and deleted all the terraforming I had made on my parcel, I'm a little angry with them.

Hm, what else? Still have some problems with sitting as I got caned on monday for deleting half of the house by accident. But hey! Is it *my* fault, when someone forgot to lock it down??? =^.^= Funny thing is: One day later, Q deleted the other half. I so lmao!

Uncle Rickie is growing very close to the family. I love it. And he, Q and me are a bit incestuous together. Love that too. - Had no opportunity to talk to brother Jeremie. He keeps away from the family house. Should come over more often. - Actually Rammy is the only brother who's really there. - Haven't seen Tree for 1 or 2 weeks; seems to be RL-busy. - And little bro Kyne always crashing... hopefully it gets better, when he get a new connection. - Jojo was away most of the week too. Missed him. - And my little kitten Douggie vanished without a trace weeks ago. I hope, he's oki.

Yesterday we had "Oktoberfest". I built a Bierzelt and we dressed in Lederhosen. Lederhosen are soooooo sexy! Uncle Rickie (aka DJ ReZ) played mostly German tunes. I so enjoyed it! Was *my* day. Could have it more often...

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