Tuesday, September 2, 2008

business and family

Whoa! A lot happened these days. And tiger was really busy and a little exhausted...

Surprisingly became a club-co-owner with Q and Rod. So, there's "Tiger's Eye" club now... on "Tiger's Isle" and the group "Tiger's Claw" with the "Tiger's Tail" dancers... Which other body-parts are available? "Tiger's Dick" would be a good name for an escort-agency?

The last two events at Domineck's were "Tiny & Opposite Sex" and Country Night on Friday. - Hehe, the 'Tiny & Opposite sex' on thursday was kinda funny. What a combination! Ever tried to change your gender in appearance? Gee, that was so confusing. I'm not much into cross-dressing, but it was really funny to dance with "Josephine" and "Lenia" as "Bang-Bang LaDesh" (yes, I love "Torch Song Trilogy"), but at the end I was glad to get rid of those feet-killing high heals and change back into tiger. Too bad (or really good) I forgot to take pics of the "ladies". But at least I took a pic of the two cuuuuuuuute tinies. So sweet, I wanted to take them home into my bed! (Okay, in their normal appearance they are sexy and I would take them home into my bed either; but not to cuddle then).

So, friday was the last night. And it should have been a last, big, good event. But I didn't recognize much of it, cause of a big fight with Q. So, it's time again to talk about that thing called "love"... Why does it always have to be that way? Why can't my men accept me like I am? I had that before at that annoyable 2-day-marriage, then with my hottie vampire and now again? You agree to an open relationship, but then you have to fight their jealousy all the time. It's so annoying, being accused to fuck every stranger that crosses your way. - Well, I don't do that anyways, but if I'd do it, so what? I love love, I love body-contact, I love sharing a sensual experience... But then you let someone in your life and suddenly he expects you to stop all this; to share only with him? Don't get me wrong: If a couple agrees and is happy with monogamy and none of both has the feeling of self-chastisement, then it's fine for them. Go on with it and good luck! But honestly: Who is like that? And what's the result of it? Betrayal and lies. Me dunno like betrayal and lies. Me like honesty. Much more important then so-called fidelity. When I chose to belong to someone, that doesn't mean that I stop sharing experiences with others. Not in RL and definitely not in SL. A partnership - no matter how you call it (boyfriend, owner/pet, partner...) - has nothing to do with property (that's why I never could be a slave; pet? yes, slave? no), but with belonging. Is a subtle difference. So, when I chose to share my (second) life with someone, of course I want to see him and make him happy. But you can't make someone happy, if you have to break yourself for it; if you have to try to be someone else; cause then you will get unhappy and this helps noone. You have to love yourself before you can love others. - Something like that my dear friend JC said. And it's so true!

So... had a fight about this on friday. But saturday was a good day. Q and me shared time together, we've been with my brother Rammy who introduced us to a friend of him. Nice house and a nice windmill. I tried to take pictures, but it wasn't easy...

And as I didn't have to work, it was a very relaxed day. JC started his treasure-hunt (though we were too busy in chat to take part) and later Q and me been shopping with our newest family-member: my new brother Jeremie. Was a good night.

But sunday... oh my! So busy! Some preparations for the first party in our club. Then heading over to JC's monthly rez party. Took a pic --- and could bite my tail, that I didn't take pics of our own party. *lol* Too excited and busy and laggy...

So, sunday at 7.00 pm "Tiger's Eye" had it's first party. Not the official grand opening, but first party. What else but neko-night to start with? And I was so excited. And concerned. First I thought, noone will come, but then they came... and came... and came. The creme de la creme of gay neko-world was there - besides lovely DJ Kaj there were Adian and Lufian and Chester and.. and.. and... YAY! Made me happy. And I so hope they liked it and will come back, especially to sunday's neko-parties. - Later all those lovely babes from JC's rez-party came too, sexy cowboy included. Too bad, I forgot to take pics...

Q, Jeremie and me were all a little exhausted and tired at the end of that day. So things didn't went too well after the party. *sigh* I hope this will soon get better. It was better on mondays. Our first real "family day", and it was full of love and sex and cuddles and talks between Quag, Jer and me. I loved it and was so happy and really relaxed for the first time since weeks. Only interrupted from a weirdo stalker, ex of Q, who thought it would be funny or whatever to take pics of us having sex. Oh my! Poor Q was devastated, but Jer and me could only laugh about that crazy guy. Wished, the pics would have been better, so I could have published them on my blog or make some nice Xmas-cards out of it.
The other day I read at InVdaily about so-called "snappers". Gee, there are some strange people. Well, couldn't happen to me. Oki, I would pay for copies, if the pics were of artistic quality. =^.^= *hehe*
However, it was a really fine day, but didn't end too well. When you hear every day a depressed "I can't make you happy! :((" although you are happy, then you get a little tired of trying to convince him, that it isn't so. Had the same problem before till I gave up. I don't want to give up this time; so I hope very much, that he will learn and accept, that he's a wonderful and lovable and caring person, loved very much by his tiger. And he definitely has to learn to take things easy.

So that's my message to all of you out there: Love yourself!

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