Thursday, September 18, 2008

Powers of Darkness

Yesterday we had theme "Pentagram" (dah. Always used the German spelling with double-m. couldn't help it..). Spent the whole evening decorating a castle and putting together my costume. And I looked sooooo hot. Even learned how to spit fire out my nose. Couldn't wait to show it Q. Was so proud of everything.

And I saw my dear brother Jeremie again yesterday. But only for a short time as he had some connection-problems and had to leave soon. :( He couldn't finish his first gig, but uncle fortunately could take over. So it all stood in the family.

However... wasn't the best day. I'm considering getting out of the club-business. Wasn't our club anyways, never "my" club at all. And apart from management-problems - it's frustrating enuff, when you spend hours decorating, and no guests coming, but even worse, when your own partner doesn't even recognize the work you put into it to please him, although everybody else says, it's awesome.

/me takes a deep breath, considering what to write and what not. - Was told yesterday, I shouldn't write this or that in my blog, as this or that person is reading it (and you know who you are). But this was always my kinda diary. Since when do you censor your own diary? Even if it is public. Opposite to my RL my SL is an open book. I don't have any secrets, always honest. Never try to tell me "But don't tell XY that I said that." (Only exception is, when you're telling me your secret, then of course I'll keep it.) --- However, it is time to overthink my "role" in (second) life, in partnership, in family. It seems that I'm not allowed to be the selfish kitten I wanted to be? Maybe should try to go back to my altruistic self? That way I won't hurt anyone I love, only myself....


Rammy said...

Well Franz, I say write what you think. I think a blog is just a diary turned upside down - rather than writing personal stuff to keep hidden - you are writing personal stuff that is NOT hidden and the whole world can read. And by the way the work on that club is great. I think everyone reading this should check it all out.

Jordyn Carnell said...

All the stuff that happens when I don't log in.. Fantastic builds are created (and then destroyed).. Love blossoms (and fades).. and OMG the rumors!

It's always a surprise to learn that the world doesn't revolve around me..

If it weren't for blogs I'd miss out on most of what happens in SL.. soo.. I LIKE diary blogs..

On the idea of Tiger being or becoming a "selfish kitty" we gotta chat inworld about that one..