Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh my! Almost another week gone. Busy, busy, busy. And so much happened! After sweet brother Jeremie went for 2 weeks holiday, Q brought another brother into our family: Abadon.
And after I had to fight against Q's fears, insecurity and jealousy regarding Jeremie joining the family, now I had to fight my own demons. Wasn't easy for none of us, although Abs is a lovable, sexy and sweet guy.

So, it was a week full of ups and downs, a lot of arguements between tiger and his owner, a lot of sulkiness on both sides and hurt tiger running away again and again. (Should stop that!) But everything climaxed in a happy end...

But first (tease! tease!) let me tell you about the club. So much work, so little time. Always busy with scheduling and decorating, no time for the jungle, although I can't wait to go on with that!

One of the events was a pajama-party last week. Oh, I so loved that big teddy-bear, laying in it's lap. Who doesn't dream of something like that???

And then "Back to school!"-theme. Q did extra for me. I love that theme! Too bad that noone took advantage of the spanking-menue I rezzed. But all were so sexy in their schoolboi-uniforms. Loved it!

Well, weekend wasn't so busy with the club, but busy with talks. JC showed me this wonderful place, where you can fly around in orbit. We had a long talk and sweet cowboy did a lot of partnership-counceling. I visited that place several times now - together with Q, showing it my brother Rammy and floating alone. Relaxing, chilling, wonderful.
Made this pic and thought it was good; like kinda surrealistic Dali-painting. Till angel told me, that it looks like as if Q's head was a meteor. (/me cursing under my breath) You have to look close to see, that his head is on my shoulders. I guess, we'll have to go there again, taking some more pictures, dressing in living lights or something...

Well, that's it... almost. *hehe* Because: After all those arguments in the last days, Q & me finally recognized and solved the problem. We never clarified our relationship. What started as owner and his pet became so much more. But what? Both of us tried to assure the other one his love and meaning, but without saying it out loud. And just the moment I was ready to step back into being "just a free-strolling pet", because I didn't like what became of me (jealous, sulky, hurted, bitchy struggling kitten), as I thought I don't mean so much to him as he does to me, we recognized what we both needed and both wanted: The assurance to be #1 to each other. So...

on saturday, 6th of September,
Quagmire Juran and this tiger here
became partners!

I'm so happy! I know, that we belong to each other. And now we can start to become a big, happy family! ("Yes, I want children. And if someone asks - I'm the pretty one!" - hehe, did I mention I love "Torch Song Trilogy"?)

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Fubby said...

Hey sweetie :-)

I´m glad you´re happy, you deserve it :-)

Lot´s of love,