Monday, September 29, 2008

So this was my weekend

Oh, what a weekend! After a very peaceful Friday full of love and harmony, Saturday was a little upsetting. Starting with the request of building a shop on Tiger's Isle. Wasn't fond of the idea but did it anyways. And well... I did make the best of it and the shop became nice. But still... don't like the idea of making it too commercial. (Yeah, tiger may have some qualities, but good in business isn't one of it.)

Wanted to calm down and overthink it, but Q didn't give me the time for it. So one lead to the other and we ended in an argument. *sigh* Don't want to spend my time after a 10-hours-RL-work-day with arguments. However... we made up. Never want to go to bed angry.

To calm down and to talk we visited the Isle of Worms, went to the circle of drums there, which was really nice escpecially the music. But wasn't in the mood to enjoy it. I think, have to go there again, when in a better mood...

However, Sunday became really good. Had some nice chats with Tim & Christo (Rod's bois) in the new shop. Then a short talk with always helpful and kind uncle Rickie. And finally went home to my beloved hubbie. Sat for a while on our moon-swing - *sigh* I love it... ish soooo romantic! - and talked about this and that. Got the idea of making neko-night a winternight.

So, went to the club, did some decoration. Went to Catastrophe Neko to buy some stuff for Q. Got a little sentimental push as I remembered, that this was the place I met my sister Nia the first time...

Well, and then jumped over to JCs rez-party for some minutes before we had to go to our own party. It became really good. Enjoyed the snow, the conversation and of course the hotties all around me. (For more information about the party, click on the pic).

So, all in all it was a good weekend inspite of some flurry in between. Love my hubbie, love our isle and our club which is becoming better and better, love my life. =^.^=

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