Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Time to talk about family... - Things were achanging. Welcomed Rickie as my uncle and pretty happy to have him in the family. He's good for us and hopefully we are good for him. - Not so good was the experience with my new brother. Lies, manipulations... I don't like that. Too bad he couldn't just enjoy being a part of the family, finding a place, being welcomed. And started to make-up with my little brother Kyne. Missed him after he disappointed me a while ago. But hopefully things becoming better between him and me soon. - Brother Jeremie returned yesterday from his trip to Germany. Just talked to him, didn't meet him yet. Hope to see him today.. oh, of course I will! He's today's DJ. But I meant private. Lots of things to talk about.

And there's my beloved hubbie, partner, lover and owner Q! Had some problems these days. But uncle helped us work it out. And the last days I was really happy being with my love!

On the pic you see us in a shell. I created an underwater-world for him. Is nice there under water! Okay, my butt is a little red. Let's say... uhm.... sun-burned?

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