Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday was such a good day although I was little exhausted from RL-work. Since Q and I don't have to care for a daily event and uncle Rickie hosted and managed yesterday's "Chaps only" party, we have more time for ourselves and to relax.

I changed the groundstructure on the isle with success. And I bought 8 new Sine-dances (OMG - one day the huddles will really explode!) and installed them (what took almost an hour). Tried them with Q in our little tree-house. Love to dance with him. Feel so cared for and protected, when he dances behind me... Strange? And yesh, got a little horny from dancing, so we had to spend some time in our dungeon... =^.^=

We came very late to the event and I was somehow distracted with too many IMs going on. But I loved to try the two "cattish" dances "Sophisticat" and "Prowling" with Q. They are sooooo sexy! (And yesh! I love to slide my tail between his legs and tickle him, as you can see it on the pic to the right)

Another good thing happened earlier that night: Spanks called me and I was very surprised and relieved. Even if we had problems in the relationship, I always enjoyed to be friend with him. I don't like to be in disharmony with anybody, especially not with people I love. And as I told my brother Jojo: Love never ends. It may change it's nature, but once in your heart it always remains there...

So, it was a purrfect day yesterday and I'm looking very optimistic into a future with my beloved husband, with my family and best friends you can ever have!

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Quagmire said...

Yesh, as long as that tail is always between my legs, I will always be there dancing behind you and protecting you! I loved this special evening more than you know. This was an awesome post, thank you to the love of my life. I am also so happy you found peace in your heart with spanki, only if I could find peace with a certain Ex in my life, harmony really would exsist in this world, but atleast I am happy it does for you. Anyway I am the luckest man on earth to have you my husband, I am strong and we go on, together!