Thursday, November 20, 2008


-o.... Oki, let's see.... I'm addicted to dances, I'm addicted to building, I'm addicted to the light of my life, I'm addicted to gestures, I'm addicted to animations, of course I'm addicted to SL anyways... and now I'm addicted to Zyngo! Actually it's a pretty stupid game; you don't have to think much, only look, compare, click... and time really runs. Last night I wanted to see, what's with that game my honey bee is addicted to.... And played about 5 hours. Oh my! But it's fun. Too much actually. *hehe*

Apart from gaming side by side we've been a lot shopping together. I bought a penis-sploder for the club. Oh, and yes, now I do have an alt!!! "TigerFranzis Clowes, the keeper of the big red cock" - That's a fine title. But ssssshhhht! Don't tell anyone, that I got an alt. *lol* And I bought a viewer for profile-pics for the club. Nice thingens. Q&F made new pictures for their profiles *chuckle* And my honey bee bought me a piano, so finally I can play piano at home. I love that! (especially as I can't play in RL *hehe*) And we wanted to buy a sex-dinner-table, which would be pretty hot if that damn thingen would have been delivered!!! We waited about half an hour there, but nothing, rien, niente, nichts, nada! Well, at least we had fun testing it, while we were waiting. Hm, what else? Oh, BareRose! I love the costumes of BareRose and they are not at all expensive. We bought some stuff for tonite's "Jungle Fever" and tomorrow's "White Night".

Hm... and I think, that was the day yesterday. My buddy Dashy's hubbie Mikal is missing since saturday. Anyone seen him? I'm pretty concerned. Hope there's an explanation and everything's oki. My thoughts are with you, Dashy! *fingers crossed*

Here's a pic of the club. I just like that sky...

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