Friday, November 28, 2008


Hungry Eyes?

<~ A few days ago in human form on our beach-rocks

Hm, what happened on turkey-day? Not so sure how time past bye. Was a little club-hopping as turkey (see pics below), but wasn't so much fun as I couldn't dance and most of the clubs were pretty empty. Been the first time to Gay World and after the DJ and me were the only guests we went to a tour over tiger's isle. Nice guy he was... Kito Kyong or something like that.

Hubby as american was busy with family day of course. Missed him so much...

Not in a good mood anyways these days. Dunno. Maybe lack of sleep. Always feeling dizzy and lots of headaches. Or maybe it's the Zyngo? Always loosing and that nasty devil... Arrrrrgh!

Oh, I'm training for "Butt Pirates" tonite. *hehe* I have no idea how to talk like a pirate in German and less idea how to do it in English, but I'm looking forward to the party. A ship anchored in the lagoon. Will be a lot of work to clean up after the party and make the club as it was before.

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Quagmire said...

How cute love, you are so awesome, and yesh I have hungry eyes for you!