Monday, November 3, 2008

Night and Day

Where did the weekend go? Lost it somewhere. *me checks his 'lost and found' folder and shrugs*

Talked about friday and my hubbies birthday already. On saturday started with my friend Dash's delated rez-day party. Was the only neko there and didn't know anybody but Dashy and Mikal, so I felt a little lost. As my love finally came inworld we went shopping at Tigereye Design, which has nothing to do with Tiger's Eye club *hehe*, but has pretty nice stuff. Bought some jewelry for my hubbie and couldn't resist to buy a "Heavy Duty" outfit for me. Almost bought a blue dancers silk... but recognized, that I already got it in my inv! So, I tried it on, seated my hubbie on a gothic throne and danced for him, what made us both pretty horny. Oh those phantasies about being a sex slave to my master, dancing for him, pleasing him, working my way on his lap.... oops! *me blushes, adjusts and clears his throat* Uhm, yeah. Well! So we just went home after shopping, cuddled and talked a little till it was time to sleep.

On sunday I tried my new "Heavy duty" outfit. I think it's soooo hot. I will wear it for working on the isle I guess. And that's exactly what I did (after I made our picture wall in our living-room) or at least started. Wanted to continue planting some trees, but my inv is such a mess, so I started to sort and clean it. After 3 or 4 hours I had reduced it from 12.900 items to about 12.100 items.... and it's still a mess! I wonder if I ever get back under 10.000?
Met DeliciousDemon and gave him a quick tour to the isle. And finally hubbie came inworld, but we had not much time to talk (or do naughtier things) as we only had an hour for the party. Oh my, Q looked soooo cute in his white tiger pajamas!!! I wanted to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle. And silly me forgot again to take pictures. *arrrrrrrrr*

So, still a lot of things to do. My list seems endless. Tiger's Isle has to get ready, the neko-skybox has to get finished, the brother's hangout needs some more trees and bushes, Q's and my home needs more furnishing, the dungeon... oh the dungeon is so big... how to fill it???... and then I wanted to start to build stuff... like the loincloth I started to make... and I wanted to model for JJ - a friend of Jojo... and maybe doing more artificial pictures, as everyone tells my, I'm a natural talent... and... and... and... So much to do, so little time!

Matching title I've chosen the Cole Porter Song
"Night and Day" performed by U2
on the album "Red Hot & Blue":

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